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Get a Tourist Visa China

New In China Today Covid-19 update: Get a Tourist Visa China Much has happened worldwide with covid over a 2 year period, Here in Shenzhen, and China in general, we face sporadic cases of infectious imported goods or travelers arriving in the country, and through stringent checks are carried out at border control, Random Outbreaks…

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Online Money Transfer Worldwide

Secure Money Transfer App In recovery and lockdown events, money becomes the savior to our new freedom, travel becoming the primary need after food and water, over 2 years of restraints, social deprivation drives our passion to exercise our status and freedom perhaps excessively. managing our wealth and work is now the task to get…

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Travel Tips for Asia

WELCOME!   QUOTES!  “ To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.”  “ Nothing develops intelligence like travel.”  “ One must travel to learn.” “ Traveling is an investment in yourself.” Review the Kindle a Great Travel Companion Read your favorite books on Amazons Kindle that is Paper white As an…

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Tai chi Workout Beginners

Allen Zheng: tai chi classes youtube To a Great Friend, “protagonist” and Exponent of the philosophy, skill, and culture of Tai Chi Taichi & Chinese Philosophy: tai chi workout beginners Tai chi is the Supremacy perused in the ancient Zhouyi culture of China [Zhong guo] How To Become a Taichi Master Skill, dedication, state of mind, balance, constant training, Patience,…

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Eastern or Western lifestyle

East or West Expat Experiences Eastern or Western Lifestyle Couldn’t be more different as a contrast, yet they relate one common function and aspect of life! People wanting the same things for their lives, development, better living standards, work and play, less stress, and more freedom. Let’s start on an introduction of positively, Eastern time…

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Cultural Differences and Relationships

Labour Holiday: A Personal Perspective Does Respect for yourself deliver a better outcome in life? Cultural Differences and Relationships This week is a week for relaxation, family togetherness, local travels, and valuable time away from the workplace Chinese are enjoying a 5-day period of good weather, social interactions, dancing, swimming, sharing stories, engaging in social…

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Botanical Gardens China

28 March 2021 Botanical Gardens China Shenzhen Botanical Garden Show It’s the end of March 2021 and we are toward the end of this great flower display and a public event in the south of China. China Shenzhen 7 cities flower event is also designed to express and promote a harmonious, loving, humanitarian, and world…

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Learn a Foreign Language App

Make the World Home: Learn a language app Be Internationally Social-able When we think of learning a new language an instant bubble pops up in our mind, like in the cartoons, Well today I am here to engage you in the best free foreign language apps. This has been a time to reflect on years…

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Daily Exercise Fitness at Home

Lifestyle and Wellbeing Daily Workout In July 2020 I had the misfortune to lose a good friend, an ex-forces Dude, a real salt of the earth Type! He understood the risks of his employment, However, what shocked me more is/     His life was not taken in military action, no it was taken one…

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Air Asia Reviews

Air Asia Company AirAsia has been named the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the seventh consecutive year, although its main competitor, Tigerair, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, surpassing my expectations as well. Air Asia reviews are reflecting the constant strive in improving both your safety and flight experience, Concerted efforts from the company and staff…

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Mooncake Festival in China

Chinese Mid Autumn 2021 Mid-autumn Celebrations are here once again, Sunday will mark the start of the holiday season and celebrations in china 2021 In 2021, the Mid-Autumn Festival begins on September 21st (Tuesday). In 2021, and Chinese will enjoy a 3-day break from Sep. 19th to 21st. Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Moon cake Festival…

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China Glass Factory

Qixian, China RENOWN FOR GLASSWARE Qixian county, in central Shanxi province Population approx. 272,000 and 854 square meters of area. A history dating back some 2,200 years. Commanding 200 notable historic figures who claimed Qixian as their home. Important Historic Figures Poets Wang Wei, Wen Tingyun (Tang Dynasty Period 618-907), Novelist Luo Guanzhong, (Ming Dynasty1368-1644)…

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Chinese Workers in China

millennial’s face tough expectations working condition’s and regimes in city offices china

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China’s New Child Policy:

MEDIA NEWS { 2021~2025 Plans} The Chinese government China’s New Child Policy is set to raise the bar on producing more newborns, Strategy to bolster the next level of family planning and encouraging more births for the ‘3 baby family’, These are crucial actions born from concerns to prevent the collapse of the country’s health and…

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China 2021 Covid

Shenzhen: China 2021 Covid SHENZHEN reported recent asymptomatic COVID-19 cases with connection to overseas sources. Earlier today I was out of my community preparing to work in a coffee shop when I received a call [not the norm] from my flatmate Charlie The Unexpected Phone Call She went on to advise that the landlord has…

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