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millennial’s face tough expectations working condition’s and regimes in city offices china

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Tai chi Workout Beginners

Allen Zheng: tai chi classes youtube To a Great Friend, “protagonist” and Exponent of the philosophy, skill, and culture of Tai Chi Taichi & Chinese Philosophy: tai chi workout beginners Tai chi is the Supremacy perused in the ancient Zhouyi culture of China [Zhong guo] How To Become a Taichi Master Skill, dedication, state of mind, balance, constant training, Patience,…

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China Art Oil Paintings

China Art Oil Paintings   Canvas Oil Painting Sale:  Review ~ Dafen on My YouTube Happy Sunday Here I am in China’s Da’fen Oil Painting Village, It is not often I revisit this location, however, it constantly gives me a buzz on returning as infrequently as I do love the past 10 years, Allow Me…

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Strength in a Family

A Period to Forget! It has been a turbulent period in my life as it was with my kin, siblings, and extended families, Why? Growing up in a faraway country with one other sibling, both separated from early years, living in different towns yet the same City is not a happy reliable family environment. No…

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Top Free Language Learning Apps

The World is Your Home With Languages Be Internationally Social-able When we think of learning a new language an instant bubble pops up in our mind, like in the cartoons, Well  today I am here to engage you in the Top Free Language Learning Apps This has been a time to reflect on years of…

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Daily Fitness and Motivation

How Do You Stack Up: Daily Fitness Motivation? Did you know that 90% of people over 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat? What does that mean? Your not only losing the only thing on your body that creates shape, tone, and strength—But you’re on your…

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AirAsia Flight Reviews

AirAsia Flight Reviews AirAsia has been named the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the seventh consecutive year, although its main competitor, Tigerair, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, surpassing my expectations as well. Air Asia reviews are reflecting the constant strive in improving both your safety and flight experience, Concerted efforts from the company and staff…

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China Glass Factory

Qixian, China RENOWN FOR GLASSWARE Qixian county, in central Shanxi province Population approx. 272,000 and 854 square meters of area. A history dating back some 2,200 years. Commanding 200 notable historic figures who claimed Qixian as their home. Important Historic Figures Poets Wang Wei, Wen Tingyun (Tang Dynasty Period 618-907), Novelist Luo Guanzhong, (Ming Dynasty1368-1644)…

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China’s New Child Policy:

MEDIA NEWS { 2021~2025 Plans} The Chinese government China’s New Child Policy is set to raise the bar on producing more newborns, Strategy to bolster the next level of family planning and encouraging more births for the ‘3 baby family’, These are crucial actions born from concerns to prevent the collapse of the country’s health and…

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China 2021 Covid

Shenzhen: China 2021 Covid SHENZHEN reported recent asymptomatic COVID-19 cases with connection to overseas sources. Earlier today I was out of my community preparing to work in a coffee shop when I received a call [not the norm] from my flatmate Charlie The Unexpected Phone Call She went on to advise that the landlord has…

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Anti Aging and Beauty Products

Best Anti-Aging Beauty Products #Longevity and Wellness The age-old search to finding the fountain of youth has never subsided or lost its passion for mankind. What I am about to discuss here will be by far is the closest discovery to that vision and goal International laboratory studies and crafted Supplements are here to bring…

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