Month: September 2019

Live Band Music Venues

BANDS, BARS, PUBS, RESTAURANTS, SESSION   Shenzhen China is rapidly becoming a Heck of a Rave Place, an international stage for activities, Dance events, Art and Latin shows, Symphonies orchestras and personalities Gaining respect and community spirit this city is a mega ride and will take all who is in the slipstream along with it…

By Christopher jones 18/09/2019 2

China attracts International Communities

China attracts International Communities Shenzhen’s largest International Community based in nanshan [shekou] Shekou aka [Seaworld] is the place of international arrivals from ferry port Hong Kong to Shenzhen smartest, luxurious and cutting edge and modern area, international hotels, finance buildings and beautiful apartments both on the Peninsular and on the Nanshan mountain. Great lifestyle, community…

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