Month: February 2020

Restrict Access Internet in China

This has Always been a Bone of Contention for Foreigners and Business: Being able to access international free speech and expression external sites in china, since the dawn of internet and blocking of Google from China, international companies pursue in finding ways to offer external access to foreigner news and controversial political, business and social…

By YI YANG 21/02/2020 0

Woman Black Author, From Poverty to Heady Heights

Carolina Maria De Jesus Born Brazil (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)   Carolina Maria de Jesus (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)[2] was a Brazilian writer who lived most of her life in a favela (slums) of São Paulo, Brazil. She is best known for her diary, which was first published as Quarto de Despejo (Dumping Room, published in English as Child of…

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