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younger days christopher

Younger days Chris




As a young boy Living in South america my sister lived 4-5 miles  from my Aunt’s home where I resided, I would after school collect my sister being younger than me, and walked her home before i then continued on to my place called home.


On the way i come along  a narrow stream that intrigued me. It had endless fields as far as the eyes can see of sugar cane, but the water also had another interest to me, This was the possibility of catching big Crabs. As you can imagine it was a kid’d dream to be in a little world of pleasure and inspiring interest, enough to drive me to creating a fishing rod and basic line all made from either my Aunt’s sowing  cotton and the rod from a whip-like tree called TAMARIND.



The number of times i actually came so close to catching these feisty crabs is frustrating to me then, as each time i was about to nab one with my make shift net from grandfathers net~vest, he would get away, and i would swear under my breath, Any way one day i managed to find a kite all tangled in a tree in my aunt’s garden, I merrily scampered up the tree at the age of 7 and man i was like a little monkey with nimble limbs and agility to compare with any cat.


Retrieving the kite and it’s lengthy tail and reel of thread, i hastily rushed to my grandfather’s little garage-come shack tenement [a favorite place of mine to make my own Kites [but that’s another topic to tell you about later] Anyway about this newly acquired kite and its accessories, i began to strip it down and decided to use the good quality lead and tail for my project to create a bloody good and reliable crab trap and fishing rod in the process, the whole evening until late an night when my Aunt came looking for me and giving em a good rollicking and ear tugging, liberated me from my happy  work progress.



Next school morning i was eager to continue so i got up 2 hrs earlier and without breakfast rushed down to continue to a complete this at all cost, Hallelujah, it was done so i hurriedly packed it into a make shift carry bag of rattan material, rushed out to collect my sister and take her to school and hide my masterpiece in some bushes i had noted in previous ramblings in the undergrowth



My sister Sherry as usual was always full of happiness and chatter and i met her at the gate of my 2nd Aunt, who [BTW had girl children] hence Sherry stayed with them, while i stayed with the boys group Aunt.

We arrived to here school which was perhaps 500 yards past my school but i loved to hold my sisters hand and give her any sweets i could pilfer from my Aunt’s shop …lol.  we giggled and talked about my antics with such laughter we would stop on the road and fall into the bushes almost in tears and childish silliness.

later that afternoon and during our return home walk, i pulled out the creation and showed her, she was thrilled and asked if she could accompany me to watch, of course i said and headed to the river.

It took no more than a few minutes before crabs were tugging at my trap of which was a few crumb of dried fish from the shop i ”Borrowed” lol.  pulling in my catch was easy and man on man it was just wonderful to see these big guys snapping away with huge claws to get away, but not this time brothers, your days were finally numbered today. after 1 hr and another 6 crabs we were excited beyond all expectations, i decided not to cast the Fishing rod as we were now well over our expected return home time slot, and we would be in deep trouble, well i would.

again i hid my trappings in the bushes and hurriedly to walk her back home arriving 10 mins later, she was safe and home, me i was running back to my hidden treasure and catch and proudly removed them from the hiding place and again ran home arriving much later than i ever was, i was scolded and received a few slaps on the leg a quick cold meal while my aunt took the crabs and disappeared into the kitchen.

It was a fabulous crab soup i received for dinner the following evening, as my aunt looked ant me with a little softer demeanor and appreciation in her eyes, i think i made her day in the end.



I was always interested in how different nationalities behaved and reacted during my approach and communication with them, it became a form of unique pleasure and excitement.

It fascinated my interests so much that i was forever making new friends especially the quiet ones that no one seem to noticed or sit alone from the crowed I expect that was a part of that growing period and minority feeling  when not in our native country

I remember joining a elocution class that was arranged by the school in UK, this was a Three day per week activity and was part of the school curriculum, in was targeted at none native children from all over the world.

This was a great idea and gave me in my curiosity to get involved start process building connections and friendships Effectively across the Globe in my school? Later as an adult this evolved from the simple internet penfriends, to social media Facebook, Viber, Whats-app, QQ, We-chat, Google, and others.


Chinese qingdao beer and meal

Chinese Qingdao beer and meal

My interest peaked and became more intense driving me to extend this in the real life situation to travel taking me to Asia, China. hence, chinese4idiots.com site really is to give you some ground rules and overview of Chinese culture and the language Mandarin which is spoken on the mainland mainly.

to assist your travels and make it less daunting than it can be, also you feel prepared in some way to ask directions, order food, buy travel tickets and more.

Open to Changes, Differences & Adapting

In China i found that being open to changes, cultural differences, and norms therein was astonishing and gave me strength in my earlier interests to actually witness to be hands- on and experiencing full-on what the locals were doing and attitudes, especially as a foreigner, it was more intriguing as there were situations where i was called ” A Real Foreigner”, you from Africa or India?



In other situations i was told only white people lived in UK and USA, ha! ha! This was a shock to me honestly as i then appreciated just how backwards they were about the world stage. Also, as a huge country this was going to be a normal response during my travels around the China’s provinces.

As you may already appreciate now i am not white, i am in fact from south-America [Latin-America] so even in my country i would imagine in some places people may have similar views of creed, color and religion not being exposed to it. I totally support and endorse that travelling and cultural interactions are the richest experiences anyone can achieve in their lifetime.




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Giving is better than receiving , china

Giving is better than receiving , china




Well it is simple, it’s therapeutic, and through my difficult life experiences from boy to man, it has become crystal clear, the adage, it’s not what you know rather than who you know and how you apply experience, knowledge and passion into something you love.

There is also no costs involved me offering insights to what mistakes i faced in business and making money. lastly if i can give you the tools to develop why not do something good right?


A Better life and prosperity

A Better life and prosperity

It’s no secret, To find your passion, be it a hobby or Personal interests, and guide you to making the most from it, to become financially independent, secure and with a future to be proud, everyone out there deserves the chance to change their lives.

to get on the wheels of commerce and making money, they just don’t know how, enough of watching what you spend  month to month and putting off getting what you need, here is a tried and trusted way of achieving a better future, no scams or paying out lots of money to companies in some promise, this is not Rocket Science.just enthusiasm and a little dogmatic attitude

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