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As a young boy i was always interested in how different nationalities reacted during my approach and dialog with them, it became excited and fascinated and involved process building connections and friendships across the Globe, from the simple internet penfriends, to social media Facebook, Viber, Whattsapp, QQ, Wechat, Google, and others.

Chinese qingdao beer and meal

Chinese Qingdao beer and meal


My interest peaked and became more intense driving me to extend this in the real life situation to travel taking me to Asia, China. hence, chinese4idiots.com site really is to give you some ground rules and overview of Chinese culture and the language Mandarin which is spoken on the mainland mainly, to assist your travels and make it less daunting than it can be, also you feel prepared in some way to ask directions, order food, buy travel tickets and more.


In China i found that being open to changes, cultural differences, and norms therein was astonishing and gave me strength in my earlier interests to actually witness to be hands- on and experiencing full-on what the locals were doing and attitudes, especially as a foreigner, it was more intriguing as there were situations where i was called ” A Real Foreigner”, you from Africa or India?



In other situations i was told only white people lived in UK and USA, ha! ha! As you may already appreciate now i am not white, i am in fact from south-America [Latin-America] i totally endorse that travel and culture are the richest experiences anyone can achieve in their lifetime.



Well it is simple, it’s therapeutic, and through my difficult life experiences from boy to man, it has become crystal clear, the adage, it’s not what you know rather than who you know and how you apply experience, knowledge and passion into something you love.

There is also no costs involved me offering insights to what mistakes i faced in business and making money. lastly if i can give you the tools to develop why not do something good right?



A Better life and prosperity

A Better life and prosperity

To find your passion, be it a hobby or Personal interests, and guide you to making the most from it, to become financially independent, secure and with a future to be proud, everyone out there deserves the chance to change their lives.

to get on the wheels of commerce and making money, they just don’t know how, enough of watching what you spend  month to month and putting off getting what you need, here is a tried and trusted way of achieving a better future, no scams or paying out lots of money to companies in some promise, this is not Rocket Science.just enthusiasm and a little dogmatic attitude



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