About Chris

About Chris



About Chris:

Today I am an Expat in China, travel is a particular passion of mine and I have no regrets on taking that first decision to break the shackles holding me back as a person with driving needs to


UK Life

Leaving the Royal Navy after 5 years of service, I didn’t really consider what skills I would need to survive in Civvy street, After having a number of substandard jobs as every teenager have had to endure, from fiberglass melding, cheese factory, car mechanic, window replacement salesman[ for which I could never feel good about]


Historically: About Chris

Many Years grafting for companies and businesses big and small I came to the early realization that I was just a number and body to shift around wherever they pleased. Appreciation of What I believed to be my Value and worth as a hard-working Individual was not reflected in many was, position, pay, or long term Plans.


Working and Internal Politics was becoming a drag and unless you adhere to the culture therein, it was going to be a long hard slog moving forward, and I don’t like Culture or Bendy ethics in Business as much as Dubious promises, Constantly failing to deliver their part of the bargain. Leaving One Company having hurt my back in service, I am constantly reminded of that company when it gives me Some jip.


I.T Arena

Field engineer, Microwave, TV & Video, Stereo Systems, Public Paid phones, Pharmaceutical Machines, desktop computers, data center computer, Enterprise supercomputers, Unix Systems. all graduated to better positions but god was it tough moving in the upward direction especially towards banking support.


Travel Work Opportunities

After considerations, I really couldn’t see much that wasn’t going to be gloomy or repetitive, something my character couldn’t accept anymore as a norm, not much of a future working on a remote site as Unix support in Swindon, Traveling from Southsea, Portsmouth daily was taking a toll and after 2 years a decision was in place to sell up. the industry was also in a downturn and who knew when this would change.


Influence to Decision

One day Meeting (by pure chance) Chinese Student, brought a timely turned of events and motivation that travel to Asia would be inspiring and unknown. this triggered my interest and chivvied me to set plans to relieve myself of a job that was nothing more than soul-destroying and going nowhere soon.


Work Mates Responses

On committing to this Change wholly I discussed one evening with my workmates, the ”sounding board” I hoped to have received good luck and keep in touch, instead, I was regarded as CRAZY! and why would I give up a perfectly good paying job to go off on a wild goose chase, looking for something that didn’t have certainties, too risky man.


Strangely enough, that was not a discouragement, in fact, it gave me more reason to break the mindset they seem to live by, ‘‘LIVING SAFE” Look after your job and your job will look after your future. Where were the certainties there I responded!


Freedom Finally!

Guys there was never a better feeling than going to your boss and handing your resignation all under your own steam, and choice




This Website is My 1st followed by moneydracula.com, chinese4idiot.com is close to my heart, passion, and traveled experiences. A site I worked hard to relay every bit of my very own time and collective Travel, Personal, Researched experiences.



Blogging can be a means of learning about yourself, formulating your experiences, and utilizing your passion even a promise to starting a book in later years, Most importantly it is a means of revenue, of making money even a full-time living income.

Give it some consideration as you never know where it will take you, and your skills in writing could be a revelation, this could be where you want to be but never knew the potential you have


An Agreement with Myself, I can appreciate hands-on situations and relate with the difficulties others face, striving daily, having to make do, desperate and frustrated to find better options for their future!


People are Struggling Daily, Dissatisfied with their jobs and financial lifestyle, as I was, same routines, a sense of hopelessness, set pay, and not too exciting future prospects if sharing what I know gives hope and makes changes… what’s the problem with that?


Making Money ~ Goals:

  1. Starting a new online Business that flourishes
  2. What choices are available to Start.
  3. Bring Financial Freedom and Quality Lifestyle
  1. Pay off debts and loans


Consider where you want to be in 12months, online Marketing and making money online is really no big deal, but the fact is it has true benefits and little investment for your online presence and real estate website.


In layman’s terms, try to learn the simple approach, follow quality guidance to starting your Online business, no technical  own creative, thriving, passionate and exciting work, and environment site



All information and advice given is from my personal experience,

about chris