about chris

about chris

Hello I am Christopher

I am Expat in China, travel is a particular passion of mine, so I visit family in the USA and UK as often as time allows as well as other pan Asia and international destinations.


If travel is on your agenda may be moving to another country as I have it takes strength, courage, and confidence to make that big leap of faith, But nothing comes from doing nothing right?

I wish you a prosperous life and well-being in your future plans and ventures.


Short Brief on Me

Many Years grafting in companies and businesses big and small I came to the early realization that I was just a number and body to shift around wherever they pleased. Appreciation of What I believed to be my Value and worth as a hard-working Individual was not reflected in many was, position, pay, or long term Plans.

Working and Internal Politics was becoming a drag and unless you adhere to the culture therein, it was going to be a long hard slog moving forward, and I don’t like Culture or Bendy ethics in Business as much as Dubious promises, Constantly failing to deliver their part of the bargain.

Leaving One Company having hurt my back in service, i am constantly reminded of that company when it plays up, every now and then.


Direction and Decisions

My Direction: Came from a simple yet Defining Moment

Born a Latin American, Having finally boarded a flight to UK one Christmas eve, [a sum my parents worked double jobs to accumulate in demanding incredibly tough times]

On Meeting the Sibling Family, Sharing what little we had and laughing about it.

An immediate Understanding sparked a change in my outlook, That at all costs, life in the future will be much better. In my teen’s plans to rise above this shape, application to the task, and mind-numbing perseverance brought what I wanted to achieve.

I was Determined to Working year after year, and at the discretion of bosses for pay increases, follow their rules, office Culture and politics was not for me, this was not going to be my lot!

Learning  Across Several Jobs, Leveraging opportunities, learn the markets, developing new skill sets. Paid dividends things were on the UP.

I Associated with online groups which suited my core values, interests, and direction for long term goals, these were Writing, blogging, marketing



The Beginnings and Awareness

I was always interested in how different nationalities behaved and reacted during my approach and communication with them, it became a form of unique pleasure and excitement.

It fascinated my interests so much that i was forever making new friends especially the quiet ones that no one seems to noticed or sit alone from the crowed I expect that was a part of that growing period and minority feeling  when not in our native country

I remember joining an elocution class that was arranged by the school in the UK, this was a Three day per week activity and was part of the school curriculum, it was targeted at none native children from all over the world.

This was a great idea and gave me my curiosity to get involved start the process of building connections and friendships Effectively across the Globe in my school? Later as an adult, this evolved from the simple internet penfriends to social media Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, QQ, We-chat, Google, and others.


Decisions and Future Proofing

My interest peaked and became more intense driving me to extend this in the real-life situation to travel took me to Asia, China. hence, chinese4idiots site really is to give you some ground rules and an overview of Chinese culture and the language Mandarin which is spoken on the mainland mainly.

Open to Changes & Adapting

In China, i found that being open to changes, cultural differences, and norms therein was astonishing and gave me strength in my earlier interests to actually witness to be hands-on and experiencing full-on what the locals were doing and attitudes, especially as a foreigner, it was more intriguing as there were situations where i was called ” A Real Foreigner”, you from Africa or India?


Yellow On Black and White

In other situations, the Chinese discussed with me that only white people lived in the UK and the USA, ha! ha!  and black life in Africa and India, of course, Brown doesn’t come into this equation, what’s BROWN?  This was a shock to me honestly as I then appreciated just how backwards they were about the world stage. Also, as a huge country, this was going to be a normal response during my travels around China’s provinces.

As you may already appreciate now I am not white, i am in fact from South America [Latin America] so even in my country, I would imagine in some places people may have similar views of creed, colour and religion not being exposed to it. I totally support and endorse that travelling and cultural interactions are the richest experiences anyone can achieve in their lifetime.


Why Should I Help You?

Well, Also through my difficult times in life’s experiences, the adage, it’s not what you know, rather than who you know, and how you apply experience, knowledge and passion into something you love.

There are also no costs involved in me offering insights into what mistakes i faced in business and making money. lastly, if I can give you the tools to develop why not do something good right?

Simply to express how You can gain Independence in the real meaning of that word,  Lifestyle from applying and developing Your Personal skills, creativity and Passion. This WILL allow you the reality and Eureka feeling from financial and Social Freedom


  • Yes, it’s within Your Reach.
  • Apply your Creativity, Aspirations & Character
  • Ready to Relinquish Old Ties and Routines for a Better Lifestyle
  • Make an Agreement w/YOURSELF to BRING changes


No obligation Trial to Start and Develop Your New Exciting Business.

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about chris


Why Do I Want to Help?

A Legitimate and Sensible Question, one that equality deserves a candid genuine answer

I have forged and crafted myself into an independent, free will personality, restructured My ideals and Goals, extended my reach to make a satisfying lifestyle

This Agreement with Myself, I can appreciate hands-on and relate with the difficulties others face, striving, making do, desperate and frustrated to find better options!

Many People are Struggling Daily and Dissatisfied with their jobs and financial life, as I once was facing daily tedious routines, a sense of hopelessness, Low pay, and just as poor future prospects. I am not an angel but I know simply, sharing what I know can offer change and hope…. so what’s the problem, not a damn thing!