Advantages Disadvantages Working Online

Advantages Disadvantages Working Online

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Do you want to START Your First BUSINESS?


Welcome I am Christopher from Chinese4idiots

Blogs – eCommerce – Affiliate Marketing -Websites?

A New Business Seems Daunting ~ Don’t be Despondent its not. I am proof of that Fact! and Fear is Only There if you Allow it take hold and freeze your potential to develop.

I am not presenting this article and telling you to stop what you are doing, resign your job, and make big £ or $ instantly.

What i am saying is begin your Journey into the new online capabilities of business the quite frankly is possible with anyone with an ounce of common sense.

Your capacity and want to make changes to your current life only you can assert, what i want to show you is that with little initial heavy workload on your current working life, you are certain to startup, grow, develop your future business and lifestyle.

Then when you have reached a beneficial level you can then decide to give your boss the fnger and move on to what you really want long term.

Whats difficult about that?

I gave up all I knew in UK and against criticisms, I moved to Asia where i am now and making a pretty good life doing it where i want to be too! you have to do what you feel without peer pressure, so here is your chance to not take a big step i took but a big one all the same with benefits from your passion and interest <<<<reading about  your future should be exciting>>>> shouldn’t it?



I have these Qualities and Goals Do you?


      1. A Goal/ Dream
      2. Assertiveness/Determination
      3. Will Power to stay the Course
      4. Courage to Act for Changes
      5. Foot on the Unknown Ladder


The Above are Keys to Your Future:


Carve Your New Lifestyle and Financially Stable 2020

(The Advantages stare at you in Great Favour)


Online Affiliate Business is Within Your Grasp


Your Daily Schedule, Working from Home, or Travelling,

A Computer, A Phone The Internet,

(Your Allies and Tools to Freedom)


Not Interested or Don’t Want this?

Thanks for your time and interests thus far)

Research Suggests:

Since the Corona-virus outbreak Worldwide

<<<<Online Marketing >>> is the Future new Ideas, marketing solutions, rise in alternative thinking and resources without bricks and mortar sites, Amazon, eBay, Spotify and Others.

I just 1 Year Previously started this Website and Affiliate Blog.

(no Previous Experience or Writing Skills) I was a teacher in China if that helps.


What’s the Big Deal?

Being Paid to review products, Sell on eBay & Amazon, Invited to write for Publishers and Travel Sites.connect with social media, create alternative business co-operation, etc..All from my computer and wherever I go. What can be sweeter than that?



Many Companies, Manufacturers, Traders, Merchants, Publishers, Proof reading, Are clambering to resource freelancers, independent means to provide for their services and products, They want an easy option with less outlay and over head cost.

SEEKING: Third party promoter Blogger, writer, procurement services, reviewer, product testers for their products and services



Reduced Advertising costs (to traditional routes) Competition is Fiercer than ever!



You and I, our Social links, Emails, You-tubing, Digg, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

 (Our traffic will drive buyers to them, the Source!)


  • Fact: It’s a Numbers Game (Still with me?)


  • This Program is the Vehicle to Get you There! (as it did for me)


  • Try It Out For Free No Strings Attached or Obligations

[My Honest Advice]


  • Take Your Time Read and Consider

It is Your Decision.

Find out, is it your Cuppa Tea?

What ”IF” This generates the income to change your life.

(To achieving a No Boss or Office Scenario.)


The Information:

Describes Completely ”How To” with Step by Step Mentoring,Support

<<<<( To create your Specific Style of Online Business to secure Future Financial Freedom.)>>>>


I Was Surprised How I Developed

Reluctantly and Sceptically, Writing Blogs.

( E-commerce site, and Able to live and Travel in Asia, China, My Dream Passion.


My Background

Royal Navy Petty officer

Worked in I.T for London Bank

(Happily, I found this Game changer to Redefined my life Values and Confidences on what I was capable of Doing.)

I Wouldn’t Swap it for all the Tea in China [Pardon the Pun]

I have enjoyed my Past work as well as anyone can given the situation of NO CHOICE in the real meaning of that Phrase, Most of us fall into a job because of family and friends lead of pressure, perhaps our women at the time.

  • Working a 9-5 for rest of my life was not enough
  • working for someone else and taking orders, certainly wasn’t acceptable
  • making decisions about my financial future, must to be mine
  • Potential to earn whatever i am able to through my efforts is crucial.
  • Finding a special interest or Niche’ i excel or was passionate about is Key
  • I must be what i choose and find beneficial for long term and financial freedom




wealthy affiliate signup


Still Sceptical?

I can assure you i was too but its all about you what is important to learn and make changes<<<CLICK AND READ> I personally see i have lost any time energy or money for my Choice here, now you need to see if you want the same,  A CHANGE!

A New Beginning and Future FOR 2020 [It is not a wish it is a Promise]


Expat in China