Anti Poverty Programs China

Anti Poverty Programs China

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A worldwide problem that never seems to go away, subside, just an evolution that transpires from generation to generation, causing catastrophic demographic chasms and loss of lives, in particular, the young and old. humanity is struck with famine, poor living standards, unruly landscapes, and water deprivation

This conversation was raised with me today in a chat discussion. It was from someone I had little to do with or heard from in over 2 years. An acquaintance in a coffee shop I have long since forgotten. I was asked this question though I am not Chinese however I redirected it to Chinese as it should have been, not surprisingly the same response at least in Shenzhen was voiced.

In Defense of the CCP Party, it highlighted the CCP investment and plans to bring Quality to ordinary Chinese [ren] country-wide with Poverty Alleviation centered projects currently in full process across china.


Question: Anti Poverty Programs China

Do Chinese people believe when someone tells them that “they’re not against China, only against the Communist Party (CPC)

Many Chinese are pro-CCP. Asking normal Chinese this question don’t be surprised to hear all is good!

Or they say do this


We usually just ignore

This Chinese Government Poverty Alleviation project sets out positive and actively ongoing countrywide upgrading, restructuring, and community improvement in china.


What is Poverty Alleviation

Politically Driven the Government Plans (CCP) Have taken corrective steps with a project named ”Poverty alleviation” the aim of this project is leveled at systematically improving the living standards for poor people in China rural areas, some say a huge task that may take several years.

Modernization in Rural China

Photos below In rural Jiangsu and Yanchen China.

Also In Shanxie province the building and rejuvenating process has already showing changes to the city and lifestyles.

These houses are subsidized by Chinese Government, and cost around 100,000 yuan (1,4000 dollar) to 20,000 yuan(2,8000 dollar) comparatively Less expensive to the same homes in Cities.


A Change is Here: Anti Poverty Programs China

Peoples lifestyle and employment have skewed, the younger generation are not farmers and don’t want to be, instead want to work in factories and future proofing working companies to make drastic changes to what they already have and perhaps dislike when they see others benefiting, in other areas.

It is a natural progression of the millennial age group

Athrun Wyz – Urban Planner)

Chinese born is an Urban planner in china from 2018 to present he as much experience in this area of rural development and improvement of lifestyle in his work


”China is still in the developing stages and a country with a humongous task to provide and improve the Millions of poor Lives of people in rural areas. Middle class Group is estimated at approximately 400 million alone,

Another 900 million people with low class job no opportunities and living in sub normal conditions nationwide in China”.

Athrun is experience working within the Program from 2018 to today, explains and offers relevant photos of his journey.

Past and present differences to people and their changed raised standards.


Losing Farms Concern: Anti Poverty Programs China

how are poor people going to live if they lose their farms?” village homes will not provide for self-sufficient lifestyle like farming did, vegetables livestock and other produce.

Is there “urbanization plans” to support people for working in urban areas to support manufacturing zones, small business, markets and growth It does seem from the Quantity or migrating people in rural areas looking for change and opportunities, by heading to big cities.

Most of this generation are dissatisfied and disillusioned with the thoughts of a farming life, put upon them by peers and tradition They want to work within the new industries of towns or cities. This does have an adverse impact on agriculture which by and large is becoming hugely abandoned.

Government Agricultural Cooperation

Has seen it as a means to engage and cooperate with local farmers in renting their farmland, and implementing modern farming agricultural machinery and maximize the much-needed benefit that follows

Rural Infrastructure Access: Anti Poverty Programs China

With the development of traffic system, it is convenient to go to the city whenever it was necessary. Accessing the once difficult terrain to cities is a thing of the past, with new public services, commercial service routes, and a 10 – 20 minute car ride away.

So the tide has turned in favor of remaining in Rural locations, there are not totally isolated now.transportation brings convince and opportunities too, The highest benefit is rural homes are relatively cheaper and larger than city apartments


Anti Poverty Programs China

President Xi

President Xi

President Xi jinping during a tour in the Hunan province.Raised a plan in 2013 A poverty alleviation plan the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation. Setting Structured implementation of managed and groomed measures targeting local people and households rather than provinces or whole villages.

Planning and Registration

A new Registration Process was Declared and acted on, this national system, enables localized officials to collect data of each person, household and village.

Correlation of Data

Generating live data from 128,000 villages and 290,000 households,Was Crucial in identify most impoverished communities and areas, namely Guizhou Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Mr. Xi five prong approach plan was essentially based on education and social security,relocation,industrial development, eco-compensation.

Additionally corroboration of and establish seven institutional systems (registration, policy, investment, assistance, social mobilization, multi-channel, all-around supervision, and assessment system).

Balancing Resources: Anti Poverty Programs China

An entwining and pairing strategy –allows more impoverished provinces, west of the country to claim assistance against better performing and developed provinces of the east . Finally this workable scheme has been been applied to a further 30 provinces and ethnic minorities areas.

Campaign Manpower Requirement

Officials are well placed to achieve optimum results, a feat of management and manpower resourcing devoted making this reform work effectively, Revealing that the Party’s campaign works best with hands-on implementation.

Strategies for Rural Development

“Internet Plus” strategies to raise the game plan and accessibility is in place for needed communities without the funding. Alibaba jack ma has stepped up to the task and shows that creation of rural e-commerce centers known as Taobao villages, brings a new lease of life and hopes to lesser areas.The bigger upside of this centers encourages online sales of farm produce and localized specialties to reach the market.

At 2015, 780 Taobao villages catered to over 200,000 active online shop owners and collectively employed over one million people in China an impressive growth and marketing achievement

In 2017 Alibaba created another 2,100 Taobao villages to join the extensive program popular.

Deemed a key strategy in the fight against poverty, A must primary ingredient to Xi’s anti-poverty policy is the rural resettlement program, specific groups residing in very remote and/or ecologically fragile locations, are encouraged with benefits to relocate to areas considerably closer to the cities.

The numbers suggest a unheard of engagement of 9.81 million people relocating between 2016 and 2020 to serve this Program holistic goals.


How Successful: Anti Poverty Programs China

How to Measure Its Success

The importance given to the role of the Party and government has implications for both possibilities their enherent stumbling blocks of China’s anti-poverty drive Reforming Chinese Society The efforts by the Government stands as one important aspect.

Considered the “largest poverty alleviation campaign in Chinese history” beijing claims is an overall success. Centering and revolving are the development of local industries,health care and education improvements, dismantling corruption and abuses

The campaign brings new concepts and benefits against poverty in an organic way. In less than 5 years the plans have raised the quality in lives of more than 68 million people living in China’s rural areas.

In a nutshell 37,000 Chinese have escaped serious poverty every day and suppressing a 10.2% national poverty to 3.1 % that is incredible in any Campaign worldwide.



Much has been achieved in china, the Political plans and Government implemented programs, Chinese nationwide are gradually seeing the merits for their lives of hard work and grind.

Much more is on the table and yet to unfold but you can be sure plans are afoot to create better communities, living and working environments, connecting with the 2021 century.

Villagers and Small town citizens are awed by this change and every little bit seems a huge leap to them when they actually face the changes themselves. These are uneducated and rural people that have survived on their wits and hard working regime.

To see that a better and easier life is only steps from them now will give them aspirations different to what they ever could imagined or realized. Many will only see the tip of this changes but the siblings and new generation of Millennials will with luck put their useful mark on what was built on the forefathers sweat and back breaking work for a better future the can now enjoy!