Application Visa China, During Coronavirus

Application Visa China, During Coronavirus


Coronavirus has created unprecedented pressure and new untested government policies worldwide, citizens abroad are caught in a wringer.

Not being able to return home Country, or leave the country they are currently residing or working due to restrictions and lock downs

The upshot of these temporary Application for Visa measures are in fact half measures, that do not address or deal effectively with the reality.

Citizens disconnected and left in a quandary, a state of flux and insecurity, and finances ever decreasing, getting low as they are unable to work or go about and business,

These Families already disconnected, by nature of being abroad see a significant narrowing down of that channel even further.

To exacerbate the situation, they are expected to run back to visa offices regularly and without support to provide what new policies are required.

An unnecessary set back to this is financial outlay. If they are to apply and claim further stay in the country containing them through no fault of and own.

Each visit in china requires payments to process visa applications and or extensions.


Going to the PSB China

Applying for Visa While in China

I have found out with some difficulties the policies and means for Application to Chinese government to apply for a visa renewal, extension or  residence 30 day Visa [as is now defacto]

Business, travel and many students visa are on hold, new policies dictate what happens to you and your application, you have no say in this whatsoever.

Application are Done by making an Appointment online [chinese gov] website turning up without one will not get you nowhere, This is my story on application i did hope it helps.


New Apartment Registration

Having Just moved Apartment i was then in the process of first registering my new address and documents, so a local PSB was elected for my area

On Arrival and waiting at a huge government building on the outskirts of the City, The  security Guards consumed with their Mobile phones, sat and with zero interest in offering any explanition just grunted and beconned to everyone arriving, I later found out, we were waiting to be grouped then allowed in?

The race was on to get in first to the Desk and though i was first in the queue, across the forecourt old and young alike  skirted around to secure prime position.

I was seen after about 30 min and though my chinese is acceptable there was no english speaking advisors to relate clearly with, a problem for many foreigners not speaking any chinese.

Documents and questions were answered and apartment owner contacted for verification of my contract though it was stamped, signed and sitting firmly in her hands

Finally 30mins later i had my official registration form and out of there in a flash!


Day of Reckoning 26th May

I arrived at the PSB [Public Services Bureau] in shenzhen city center, the concentrated center for all foreign applications and extensions, the queue at the entrance was a sign I was going to have a long and rushed afternoon.

Visa Appointment 16:00 pm

This was my 2nd Visit since my Visa expired 25th April 2020, That visit however was less stressful because I had moral support and a fluent Chinese Native speaker girlfriend

Early Bird Gets the Worm?

My Mantra is to always be well early to any arrangements, meetings, social meet-ups or date, So with this mentality I choose to arrived 20 min earlier to the appointed time.

To me this is common sense Personified in a situation where you have no control, or idea of what is going to be required especially in a foreign country.

QR Code Entry Requirement

We all had to scan a QR code outside the building at a table that security had presented us foreigners with.


Chinese Gov QR Code

Multi Culture Applicants Waiting

The range of ethnic cultures were clear to see, Asians, eastern block, North-americans, Europeans and more were with and Chinese speaking partners [those that couldn’t communicate any Chinese]


After scanning my code I entered after being ushered and temperature tested.

Queue Station

A lot of people were lined up behind ribbon tapes that wound up and down the space in front of us, There were also 2 reception style officials who seemably could speak enough English, perhaps other languages I could not be sure.

But questions and answers were flying around as many people applying were having different issues or misunderstanding of the documentation [zhang] they were to present.


Unpreparedness, Confusion or Plain Disinformation

Many were caught short not appreciating the full requirements for their particular, visa applications, I could see  and hear clearly raised voiced and frustration at the desks.




I was directed to the assistant at the printer that was sited near on the right side of the desk here job was to assist visitors with necessary required copies [ and I tell you for a fact] this is a must in china.

Documentation is horrendous, duplicated, multiplicated all as as a means of tracking and monitoring who’s who and where.

Many applicants were driven to the printer assistant who sat and providing a somewhat effective and machine like supply for all, thank heavens.

I produced my document and realized all needed copies including visa page passport page, other supporting registration to china, also [authenticated photographs] copies, needless to say my Hands were full.

Copies At The ReadyCopies Visa Documents

After re-entering the queue again, I discussed my reason and asked ”what’s my next step” in this process to the counter administrator

I was given another document with all my info already pre-typed and was told to Include my photo, in the required top right area on the form, I stood, not budging asking for scissor and sticky paste to do that right there, damn if i was going to rejoin the queue again..

Surprisingly enough I was greeted well with this, I even felt this lady was happy that someone was taking the lead instead of panicking.

She issued me a Number ticket for my waiting time and location and I promptly made my way to the inner chamber of the Building to join the hoards sitting and filling in more forms in a sort of lost and unsure way.

My Number Was UpMy turn Finally Visa application

I kept a check on my number, it stated, I was to attend the following desks 4,5,6 which didn’t displayed my number, all showing were: 124, 128, and 129 to I moved toward that desk

[seeing a queue was already gathering making me wonder why, If you have a number?]

10 mins later my number appeared and I made my way swiftly to Desk 6, there was an Austere older strict looking official, there was no civil greeting, instead he just jutt out his left hand under the glass cutout of the cubicle.


My Documents Produced

This was my Que to throwing all my visa application documents at him, he rifled through them and barked passport ”hu Zhao” at me

No problem I thought at least that’s all he needed at this point, it was looking promising already.

English-speaking Counter Advisers?…. nahhh….

speak my language


Here we are, in one of the most notable high tech, fastest developing, cities china has to offer Shenzhen. Supposedly the flagship of south china leaves you with a ‘left wanting” feeling

I was both awed and surprised to find that this central government center, that deals with foreigners, recently in volume, registering crucial documentation relating to visas for work and travel

There was minimal support to international personnel, you gotta be kidding me, how can this not be be super important, And shouldn’t it be more international in its approach and aspirations to appear more humanely, without begrudged looking faces and indifference to visitors and and valid concerns and problems.

I was as most people left to your own devices, having to guess what was going on at every stage, just sitting like christmas turkeys waiting for the inevitable Chop! Chop!

Volume of applicants

Visa applicants China PSB


This was the busiest time I had encountered, the Waiting hall was filled and must provide approx 70 to 100 seats. Applicants were standing around where ever they could.

I personally dislike official gatherings more so at the discretion of pompous or arrogant officials that display dismissive attitudes, seemingly impervious to your plight or concerns,

Just doing what was instructed to do, if you don’t have was asked, you are a problem.

40 mins later My documents were stapled, stamped and filed away in his tray, I was given a new document with my photo, it was government rubber-stamped and word document filled, that’s it.

I looked at him and said where is my passport, he grunted and pointed to the room where he took it. …  Nice i am much clearer now thank you!


Telling me nothing, what I should do i pursue asking what to do next, another grumble and pointed to my paper he had handed to me seconds ago.

I assumed he mean that I should read it and find out, so I sat there and did exactly that, regardless of the queue behind me.

Reading briefly  the middle of the document in small writing: COLLECTION DATE

hallelujah !

Wouldn’t that be so much easier to verbalize it saves time and interacts better?


Visa Set Collection Date


Collection Date for my new residence Visa [whatever that will be as I could not get info from this guy] I hazard a guess another 30 days?

New Visa Curiosity

visa china


I can’t wait to collect my passport next week to see exactly what the governments rules will be, of course a payment is definitely going to be applied, like it or not.

Moral Support

Moral support in china


My girlfriend could not accompany me today as she was overwhelmed with office work, that would have been great support morally, but never mind.

I have learned that when push comes to shove you must be ready in any circumstance to deal with things in adversity, complexity and chaos.

Visa Application & Extension Process – Start to Finish

Scan QR CODE sign in to service and show Authentication page to security

Presenting all Documents: Copiesthe game of juggeling

  • Passport page
  • Visa [expired] temp resident
  • Official taken photo Declaration Form [as expected by Chinese gov]
  • Page Entry [exit Last Period]
  • Completed and verified Registration Form accommodation [my apartment]
  • Printed out- [in-house personal form for the visa disk] from reception

Visa Collection Process:

Official Personal information and history document

Date of Collection of passport [therein]

Collect as Dated and Payment for duration of your given period


On my way out I saw two people chatting on lady European and an Indian guy, they had obviously found each other as a means of support for both moral and information.

From the comments I overheard the lady spoke of frustration and there was a sense of unease,confusion and lost on what to do from her.

There was a distinct worrying quiver in her voice as she described her fears, the Indian man was cautious yet calm and reassuring in his general demeanor and views, yet I felt he too was disconcerted with the situation.

I approached them to offer some advice on what Could be of help as I have just completed my application and all was good, they listened tentatively and I could see this was a welcoming breath of  fresh air and hope, reinforcing their situation.

Final Note:

Traveling is a beautiful experience, but being on the edge of changes is a tiresome place to find yourself when things go belly up.

I have witnessed many awkward situations some more difficult than others traveling asia and usa, Honestly being ready or prepared for them is an idealist dream

On the Positive side, when you do resolve them and make headway , The euphoric relief and self-esteem strength you earn is the richest accomplishment.


Good luck with yours if you are in China

Do let me know via your comments on your experiences whatever shape it took