Artificial Intelligence and Human Jobs

Artificial Intelligence and Human Jobs





The Dream

A.I and M .A. N

A.I and M .A. N


During interviews Dennis Mortessens stated He Was fortunate in his background. It allowed Him at a very Early Age of 4 to develop special interest and define his intellect and attitude in life

At the Ripe Age of 4 Dennis showed incredible understanding by mastered Chess and beating his father during games [though not a great Player himself] As his talents progressed was Dennis was selected and played for the UK junior Chess team What we are experiencing recently years is the development of AI in commercial and business aspects

Game and super computer to do the maths and Algorithms and from that very facts we have to be concerned as to the longevity of this arrival of artificial intelligence and its impact on human jobs

When the Home Computer age Appeared in the 70’s

He was Given a Sinclair spectrum at the age of 10, This was to be [His first Computer] and the beginning of a special interest and Passion

sinclair spectrum


Upgrading His Computer

His replacement and upgrade was an Amiga Commodore: this allowed him to be more creative,Dennis Began Writing or Upgrading using code language.

This Teenage Period was perfect bright mind and Drive, He designed a chess game a ”Machine competitor” To play his Brother

It did exactly that the program recognised and predicted his brother’s game Moves and style and beat him in the process, this was remarkable stuff.


commodore computer



Age 12  Dennis became a Chess Champion

young Chess talent


As time went on we see Dennis ascending the ladder in his field and On to Winning in Competitions.

One such Competition gave him a good break to acquire the ideal work placement experience, with a renown Programming Company, where aspired and  learned much more about Technology and in-depth aspects of Programming. Finally before leaving that company He was offered to stay on in research but decided on pursuing further academic Education.

Choosing to further his Education in University he was offered a placement as in intern at Cambridge where he Gained His Degree in Computer Science [In Later life again Returning to Cambridge to continue with education]

Dennis’s New Company X-AI studios Was a big step with his Cambridge friends and since proved innovative, breaking Traditional applications and set ideas on AI systems and Thinking Methodologies

Future Proofing His Ideas

Another Company ‘Deep-mind’ pioneering deep [neural networking based on synapses not physical. Deep-mind Technologies‘ goal is to “solve intelligence”, which they are trying to achieve by combining “the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms”.

Also, Learning Enforcement:

A method that applies a different thinking approach of < learning to learn and understand problems to remedy problems themselves>

Deepmind: Mission statement: using intelligence to Solve intelligence Problems. Deepmind’s AI is getting closer to its first big real-world application


”Dennis is assured that AI will recreate how we work, And true to his company’s mission statement and solution, Dennis is focused on changes brought about by the development of AI intelligent agents”


AI AND BRAIN thinking

Some of Dennis’s Notable Achievements include, Degree Computer science, Pioneered AI technology, Software Alfa zero system

His ALFA-GO ALGORITHMS is based on an ART FORM to learn for itself playing games against itself [bootstrap principles] evaluation of its own activities Improving and random playing in world championships competitions

In 2016 Soul, Korea Playing against World champion Nisa

Alfa-GO Algorithms won By a clear [ 4 games to 1 ] with [move 37] This Move Contradicts all Game rules playing on line 5, Instead of line 4 . And in the Grand scheme of things a perfect move by Alfa-GO. This unique approach made history




Dennis and Partners Set about designing another effective Program Called AlfaZero. It Demonstrates after a 3 hour trial period will beat any professional world player

AlphaZero (AZ) is a more generalised variant of the AlphaGo Zero (AGZ) algorithm, and is able to play SHOGI and CHESS as well as Go. Differences between AZ and AGZ include:
• AZ has hard-coded rules for setting search hyper-parameters.
• The neural network is now updated continually

Dennis States Games are Fun but the Primary reason is for training general systems to apply in real world situations

His Cooperation with Doctors in an Eye Scan AI application has assisted work with doctors to resolve and diagnose human problems applying Triage

A “ribbon diagram” visualisation of a protein’s backbone, folded into a 3D structure predicted by the AlphaFold algorithm for the CASP13 competition


According to Dennis 

Currently < AI > Uses basic Math’s but in reality this is NOT AI

Reaching Singularity

evolution transitions, singularity

evolution transitions, singularity


”Simply, the singularity – is a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization”

Singularity is a concern but reachable and a matter of time he says


Dennis Has appeared on many interviews and shows also a podcast and interview with founder of ventrefizz Keith Cline

Dennis Mortensen Interview – The Limitations of Human-in-the-Loop AI




The age of Digital and Un-Imaginable steps in Technology and Unprecedented innovations

We are surrounded by new applications some useful in business applications like BOTS, others for keeping us amused by way of games, Educational Learning or Automating our Homes.

Some of these games are private others have networks that allow a more sociable status being internet Hosted and staged, Involving players all over the world who take part and compete


Free AI Software

AI College

AI Games Unreal

AI Programming

AI-powered chatbots

AI For Mobile Apps



Tresata TREK Dx, ”The world’s FIRST AI-powered data quality & inventory software that automates the discovery, profiling, and cataloguing of all your data, is yours… absolutely FREE… because we believe ‘DATA QUALITY IS A BIRTHRIGHT”



Born from Science and with good intentions, I believe used for the greater good of mankind not Military insertion

the Potential is limitless, but only governments and time will allow us to see that outcome

Do you have any special interest in AI games, learning or programming, my son and daughter have a particular passion


Is Methodical and into Business oriented Applications always being interested in how this can be more effective for everyday


Is more creative in Design and Art, [like her Dad modelling craft work and design is impressive and uses every means to achieve that end using AI applications

This is the Digital and AI age for our Kids and the Future lets get on board and Support the Cause!


My Questions:

    • What is it about AI do you Like/Dislike or want to see in the future?
    • Does it hold any Fears for your Kids future or Their Practical Use?




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