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Asia – The Myth-Facination-Intrigue And Fears


Asia even today has its mega attractions, that brings foreign interests in tourism and business is becoming a play ground for the opportunists, intrepid curious the retired and ready, the ”I have had enough of Europe and Americas” type, this plethora of new found interests, intrigue and passion driven individuals are swarming Pan Asia, from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam,Thailand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines and others are now major destinations for just about anyone seeking ”DIFFERENT”  to the norm.


View from a Dam

View from a Dam

As i came to appreciate many years later and my first introduction to Asia i was forever caught in the web of intrigue speculation and lifestyle expectations, the downright fears of something that was alien to me, my background and foremost the language barriers i perceived to being a huge obstacle taking this journey.!


My Advice on planning your trip

The important and crucial thoughts that i believe one should ask themselves are:

Options: are you there just to party? what do you hope to find and feel good about?  is this a good reason to improve your life or its value? are you going with a predetermined mindset?  is this an adventure in the hope to find a new life or just an experience from the adventure?



I had many reasons and predominantly it came down to I wasn’t happy to continue then present course life and my country. I wanted to break the chains and mold that every peer had advised not a good one!



As you can imagine it was all based on word of mouth, was research and information about the demographics and people taken??. IT WAS NARROW MINDEDNESS AND FEAR TO TAKE THAT VERY ESSENTIAL STEP TO MAKE RADICAL CHANGES WITH CONVICTION!


I don’t hold this as a bad thing, but when it comes to advising someone else about your unfounded, unsubstantiated claims and probably your own personal fears, then yep it stinks!


Choosing the Country:

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

The place best suited to your expectations [ ”Lets be honest everyone has expectations right?”]


So i expect you would have done some researching, getting some idea of what you want, your need and price you are prepared to pay to have access these Functionalities.


Short LIST:  Your Choices:

did you make a short list of maybe 3 destinations, what did you base your most primary expectations on? luxury, access to local culture features, personal agendas,, family related facilities? was this a holiday, temporary or permanent move decision?


 Pricing and decision Making:

All in All pricing is the immediate factor, whether you seek a holiday of activities, relaxation or sight seeing, more over if you are going with the intention of long term living. daily expenditure, entry prices to attractions, localize travel and so forth


SINGAPORE: China Town AreaChina town Singapore











Cleanness is key importance and fines are penalty for actions like spitting, Cigarette butt-ends chewing Gum misuse,  shopping at china town and little India are one of he superb places to find yourself, street markets and events are of particular interest to foreigners


by the bay Gardens Singpore

 The Garden By The Bay Singapore

The World famous Raffles hotel and bar is weird as there are thousands of discarded nut shells littered around the outdoor sitting area making a unusual and quirky feature  where you sit and drink or eat! With places of interest and ‘spondishous” beauty




Kuala Lumper:








Twin Towers:
Petronas towers



City and twin towers, Great places to meet and eat out.

With enough to keep tourist fired up i day and evening activities

places of special interest and beauty

Malaysia’s foods:


Mee goreng mamak.

Mee goreng mamak.

Apam balik.

[Malaysian pancake].>Nasi kerabu. Don’t let the blue rice put you off.

Ayam percik (chicken with percik sauce) Delicious chicken.

Nasi lemak. Nasi lemak — food of a nation. …Roti john. …




Philippine Islands:

Cultural and special places and islands of natural beauty and Local CuisinePhilippines Map

Palaui Island.




KinilawLocal Cuisine

Philippine Boat trip











Asia holds the widest range of Cuisine and together with culturally rich history, buildings, churches and temples, its a gem on this planet, wild life and natural scenery,surely an experience that is unparalleled and diversified as this need to be traveled, and expressed in every way, languages and social gatherings are seen openly, helpfulness to foreign travelers is also well met with curiosity, awe and respect!


I hope this Post has been of particular cultural interest and has energized you to see Asia,  your Efforts will be well rewarded.

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