Asia Travel Destinations

Asia Travel Destinations

Why a Visit to China

Whether it is a Visit, Business trip, Immigrating, or Backpacking for the first time to and around China.

There are many precious thoughts you should consider, appreciate and familiarize yourself with, these are undoubtedly going to make your arrival and onward journey easier, less frustrating, and certainly more enjoyable!

Though you will find my Asia travel advice will help to make you aware of situations you will encounter, it. goes a long way to cover eventualities and scenarios. to assist you in reaping the best experience, rewards, and opportunities.

Starting with the mode of transport to Hong Kong and then on to China. Regarded as the HUB of Asia Hong Kong aka [HK] boasts an incredible array of Airlines and special deal Flight companies and hotels on the mainland HK or indeed the collective periphery HK Islands which are worth a ”look in” for a day or more

Your plans to Mainland china is perfect from this HUB, with numerous access to the mainland and its fascinating landscape and cultural settings



The first thing I recommend is getting yourself a good set of Stereo earphones, a strong backpack, a Notebook and Pen, a Computer Case, and Quality Sandals. Don’t leave it to chance, maybe this will help, it did for me with decent quality and prices.               ==> quality shopping==>


Let’s assume we are going to South China, Shenzhen, this can be reached in less than 50 min, using the following transportation. Once inside china your plans and routes are countless, like rice!


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International destinations China and HK are amazing, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Africa, West-Indies, Europe, Pan Asia, India, Middle  East, arriving daily. getting good deals on trips to Hong Kong is good and depending on our buying dates and holiday or business schedules you can secure good prices and on comfortable planes in my opinion and experiences.

From Europe, you can expect to have a Flight duration from 9 to 15 hrs with 1 stop



Why a visit to China


Once in China bullet trains, there are standard services, local and nationwide readily available, the Modern Cities support better facilities, Public transport, and Payment Options, train tickets can be arranged online using your mobile by scanning a QR code from an app, like We-Chat or pay at the Train station counter in the same way or cash if you so wish.


I suggest payment online especially during busier holiday periods and weekends to be less fuss and stress. January and October you still find it impossible to find a ticket as the culture is geared up with millions returning to their families for these holidays, hence tickets are a premium, exhausted weeks even months prior to holiday periods.



Services are frequent and high-speed ferry services make it easy to reach to China from the Special Administrative Regions of Macao and Hong Kong, with multiple crossings every day lasting no longer than an hour. For international services, South Korea and Japan longer haul services are also available


asia travel destinations

Hong Kong Kowloon to:







These public services operate from 8 am to 8 pm, note be sure to arrive 1hr before if from international flights to get your last ferry or you may have to sit it out in the waiting room or incur additional costs renting a room in a hotel nearby


Into China from Hong Kong, are more than 6 routes, Ferry, Fast Train, MTR, Private Limousine, Quality Air-con Coaches / Buses via bridge offering Scenic views of Hong Kong and Shenzhen Bays

    1. Shenzhen bay
    2. Yantian port
    3. Luohu
    4. Futian
    5. Huangang
    6. Shekou Ferry port     [Direct From HK Airport]]


The More Sophisticated Cruises Liners that land in Hong Kong from worldwide destinations are endless and super ships from across the Globe,  [….names and links….]. access to Mainland China to Shenzhen port are then easily reached in 30 to 40 mins

asia travel destinations


For the rich and wealthy who arrive from relatively close islands and countries, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore in yachts build to cover these distances.  [photos and links]


Travel Companies: Why a visit to China

Are widely used for international travelers

Payment Systems and Social App

Payments Methods: [Yuan/ RMB/ Kuai]

asia travel destinations

    •  QQ  [ older system less flexible  but works]
    • Are the most convenient and secure means of payment today, the days of paper cash, coins and credit cards are gone in many locations, particularly outside of simple villages and tiny towns
    • The focus from the government and TENCENT the developers or applications for e-commerce and payments systems has shifted in this favor of purchasing online and shops.


International Superstores to the local stalls on the streets are already geared up with BAR scanners or codes for QR codes to be either scanned by you or scanned by them as a point of sale [POS] route,

QR codes are generated when you download the applications [APP] to your mobile devices, these applications are linked to your bank account [Chinese] for which in a few hours in a bank you can have set up and ready to ”rock n roll”

China Offers a Number of routes for travelers to enter the county especially from the Hong Kong borders on the southernmost point, travel around the provinces, and use the fast bullet trains, ferries and of course Car and Buses

Some are workable in developed cities and interconnecting superhighways, but in the majority of smaller towns, cities and suburban buses and coaches or Taxi are likely to be your only options.

Let’s consider the larger cities and better infrastructures, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shenyang These will be well developed from the infrastructure and transport aspects


asia travel destinations


This post was designed to offer support, advice, and an overview of the best approaches to arriving at Hong Kong, spending time in the islands or city, then on to Shenzhen then Mainland, and onward into China. I hope it has given you some insights and clarity for your next trip.

I hope this post has been of particular cultural interest and you can be energized to go see China it is certainly worth Effort and respectable costs.