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Blogger, traveler, world Resident Christopher from South-america lived in the UK, and currently in China I follow my passion and interest the present is being a blogger and writer for my four sites, I am also engaged in posting my daily workouts on Youtube, something I never considered until last year! I believe I am fortunate to be able to pursue my likes though it has not been easy it has given me more than I ever could imagine. Who knows where it will lead to but better to live the life you love than suffer the one you don't. Chris

Tai chi Workout Beginners

Allen Zheng: tai chi classes youtube To a Great Friend, “protagonist” and Exponent of the philosophy, skill, and culture of Tai Chi Taichi & Chinese Philosophy: tai chi workout beginners Tai chi is the Supremacy perused in the ancient Zhouyi culture of China [Zhong guo] How To Become a Taichi Master Skill, dedication, state of mind, balance, constant training, Patience,…

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