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Hi Welcome Passionate and Article-blog writer Born Latin America, Grew up predominantly in the UK World traveler countries but none inspired me to take on the writing scene. until Asia. My goal is in utilizing both new and acquired experiences. This site is designed to bring a grounded walk of life in what and where i have resided, worked or loved in some cases all consequitively. No Fancy talk and Promises just plain experinces, life is about tribulations and this is no different, quality in its contents and what it offers is what you will inevitably read digest and consider. My natural drive meeting and greeting organically, is about life and its cultures, different circumstances I encountered in this carbon body and its grace on this earth. To complete a book of experiences is a plan,, Honest and relevant testimonials beginings to where i am now. Feedback from you Comments is all i request, Tell me what niggles, frustrates or pleases you. If you want a topic covered Fine! That too! Have a Positive Life Chris

City View Diner Menu

Diary Entry A snapshot into my private life and diary, Life and its Style in China has much to offer! Charlie and Chris the daring ‘C’ duo are out experiencing what its like to preview the hi rise views on shenzhen and its Restaurants. It is a Classic Weekend, disconnected from working plans, direct social…

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Shenzhen Metro and Trains

How is Shenzhen so Ahead of other Cities Worldwide? Shenzhen City [Guang Dong] south of china has undergone radical changes both in Commercialism and infrastructure development, Not more than 40 years previously Shenzhen a fishing village area only mode of transportation were boats by fishermen, everything was this mode of transport, In the early development…

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Pure Essential Oils

The Science or Natural Oils Quality Graded Coolcow: is an innovative research team in essential oils and research for many years, created in Turkey and moved to production in China under strict Quality assurance as expected from a European professional and notable producer, Pure Essential Oil: Essentially, Essential Oils are products extracted from plants. The…

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Application Visa China, During Coronavirus

Precursor Coronavirus has created unprecedented pressure and new untested government policies worldwide, citizens abroad are caught in a wringer. Not being able to return home Country, or leave the country they are currently residing or working due to restrictions and lock downs The upshot of these temporary Application for Visa measures are in fact half measures,…

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Internet Frauds Scams and Cyber Attacks

DIGITAL AGE –INTRANET TECHNOLOGIES AND WWW Concepts.             Are you a Techie             Computer literate Understand the WWW or indeed Hacking METHODS that can leave your Bank account Empty and you PULLING OUT YOUR HAIR WITH WORRIES THERE AFTER! Perhaps Trading Cryptocurrencies with a ”wallet” that protects your hard earn trading bitcoin or Ethereum coins…

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