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Sympathy on Loss of Father

A REMINDER AND FAREWELL TO A FRIEND WHO SHOWED HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVE ”LEON’‘ Name:YONG WEY-LOEN Born Singapore: Bukit Panjang 1976.07.08是他的生日 Family: one brother Educated: Singapore and University London UK Primary Work: security consultant. Security, personal, private and national Hobbies: Reading, Dancing Bachata/ Kizomba, toastmaster speaker, entrepreneurial activities, family Singapore Singaporeans are conscripted to…

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Mid Autumn Festival Activities

National Celebration: Mid Autumn Holiday The famous Chinese Annual Holidays are Due End of September, This 7 day period is filled with Expectations, Foods and Cakes. This a 2nd Significant Holiday period in china and a traditional experience for everyone nationally, wide spread TV programs and events will burst into Life! Foreigners participate equally where…

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International Sports Arena Shenzhen

IMPROMPTU SUNDAY ACTIVITIES Universiade International Sports Arena, in Long gang Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre (also known as Shenzhen Universiade Centre, Longgang Universiade Sports Centre) Designed as a multi-use sport facilities complex in Longgang, shenzhen China. Completed in 2011. It is used mostly for association football and athletics competitions, and hosted some events at the 2011…

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How to Launch a Small Business

CHINA BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN Call it Demonstrative, call it a Publicity Stunt, But this is how the Chinese Business Promote their New Venture Business as standard Practice LAUNCH AND CELEBRATION Chinese have always celebrated new ventures and this is no different in 2020, the emergence of bigger cities and it’s wealth and work has…

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Chinese Valentine Day Story

China’s History is a long Series of Dynasties and close to 5,000 years existence Today the Cultural values exists more in rural towns and cities but is celebrated in the big cities across China and in extravagant and colorful displays and events The Story of Valentine day is unique In China, it is also well…

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What to Do in China

Summer in South China Humidity August in China is extremely hot this month in Shenzhen is particularly humid, the only respite from the burning heat is welcomed when the thunder storms appear pouring down heavy rain that swamps the streets and overflows the drains. The lightning and thunder bellowing out sometimes for hours at a…

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