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China Art Oil Paintings

Da’fen 2021. M.07 Canvas Oil Painting Sale:  Review ~ Dafen on My YouTube   Happy Sunday Here I am in China’s Da’fen Oil Painting Village, It is not often I revisit this location, however, it constantly gives me a buzz on returning as infrequently as I do love the past 10 years, Allow Me to…

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Top Free Language Learning Apps

Education, to Re-Educate: Language is Knowledge, confidence, it’s internationally social-able When we think of learning anew language an instant bubble pops up in out mind, like the cartoon This has been a time to reflect on years of set minds and believing if you spoke English that was enough, well that has taken a huge…

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China’s Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Introduction What is FBG? FBG categorized “AAAA level tourist location” and National Key Park by C-N-Tourism & Ministry of Housing /Urban-Rural Development in 2008.[2] Where Is FBG? Fairylake Botanical Garden at the foot of Wutong Mountain, near Shenzhen Reservoir. History of  Fairlake Botanical Gardens [FBG] Founded in 1983, Fairylake Botanical Garden first opened to the…

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