Best vpn Service China

Best vpn Service China




VPN <Virtual Private Network>

China no VPN access policy?


China is a Communist Country and by that very condition a state own and controlled environment and Country and its ”REN” people,

Chinese have the keen interest to learn what is outside of their domain, environment, lifestyle they want knowledge of the world and its beauty and enterprising possibilities. Integrate and engage in whatever they want freely, and why not I say?


Many Established VPN services for China,

See this as a perfect oportunity to both break-in and make money doing it, providing Companies seize the opportunities and benefits to invest and set up Servers at locations suited to achieve this plan and support to subscribers for all nations, whilst abroad and traveling.


Chinese Great Wall [security] continue to disable and de-funk companies providing these services and effectively. Chinese use stealth and cunning in this area of technology is second to none and they are getting super intuitive to the changes applied in keeping services functional by the International providers.


As An Expat: I understand that bigger cities in china have implemented high end technology super servers in business buildings in the bigger cities, these will reduce or eliminate unauthorized access to the outside [ intrusive and pervading] international eyes and ears




The term ”Allowed” means companies doing business being regulated and monitored using VPN systems, residential buildings and individuals will have some serious issues to access VPN normally and fined if caught.


Access to what i want in business and personal use

Best Personal Vpn Service in China With Multi Device Connections Per Membership

Question & Answer

Why China Allow VPN’S, This goes the very nature of Socialism/ communist society governed by those in power? allowing the Country [3rd of the world ]people to see what they shouldn’t CAPITALIST NEWS, SO WHY ALLOW?



Because VPNs are a necessary medium or tool for business, Chinese or otherwise, international companies in China wouldn’t exist if they ban VPN! These companies require passage of information to co-operate internationally, This cannot work for companies both domestic and foreign as it will strangle hold The Business sector, export/ import, etc.


Benefits of ExpressVPN

EXPRESSVPN In my experience over 9 years has been one of the top providers and popular choice per say

For Best Personal VPN service in China,With Multi Device Connections, and concurrent action, EXPRESSVPN has been one of the top providers and popular choice by Myself and Expats in particular, being that the servers are strategically Deployed and located around Asia,

JAPAN, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, AUSTRALIA, KOREA etc.. Constant upgrades on servers are a Crucial Must, necessary to stay ahead of the Blocking game they would have us believe.


Expressvpn Services puts me in complete control of my Blogging and streaming

  1. Three devices simultaneous connectivity
  2. Location GEO Position
  3. Devices to access all available media,
  4. Social media,
  5. Download movies and music,
  6. Exchange private confidential information
  7. Speed and encrypted security is paramount and included
  8. Remain anonymous
  9. support 24/7 365 days



How to Use a VPN



Networks that Enables Private or Companies to connect COMPUTERS, PC OR MOBILE DEVICES via a tunnel LINK direct to another device.

This Service is Different to Normal Networks as it only allows visibility to the target device, effectively no one else should be able to identify your device IP or specifications.

ExpressVPN Description and Features

Restricted, cant get out? Expressvpn OUT

Released Myself From Imposed Restrictions: China best and DATA Protection safest route, VPN tunneling remedies and offers freedom to what I need accessing the international community The ”World”.

I Regard This Highly Since i am constantly in communication with USA, EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, UK, UKRAINE AND TURKEY. I must have good fast and safe communication as an Expat

Who is ExpressVPN For?

Expat, Traveler, Businessmen, Backpackers, Tourist, Resident or Worker, A free soul seeking possibilities in work, love or resident status, Being able to access the outside world for news, Family, friends, fashion, world issues, social media, movies even Adult stuff will be impossible. Just plain Freedom of Choices,

International Providers have made it possible against impossible odds to capitalize and offer the way and choice to ease this frustration and control status in china, I might add not just for us foreigners but for Chinese.



  • Quick Setup, download
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • App and Desktop Facility,
  • Frequent Updates on New Server Locations,
  • Quick customer response and feedback to questions [also via the App [with error codes]
  • Live chat
  • Contact number and online site Q&A,
  • Fast, reliable and confident connection and swap over to servers,
  • D.I.Y configuration for those I. T savvy individuals
  • Multiple device supported on one membership
  • Monthly, 6 monthly or annual subscriptions options
  • Support is rapid and effective.
  • Near zero fix delays and 24/7 265 up-time
  • Advanced security on both apps and servers
  • Easily unblocks streaming sites from abroad, including US Netflix
  • Works in China and the UAE
  • Zero logs




What I Didn’t Like:

  1. At first, 2 year’s ago, intermittent support fixes, worked for a few days then another problem came into play.
  2. Too much of my time spent reporting issues, and that’s not what I payed good money for in my view
  3. NEW server status not displayed or made aware of more visibly, <Now that is on the APP bottom clearly>
  4. Too much down time when I really needed the opposite more up-time running a business from Shenzhen!
  5. Slightly more expensive than rivals
  6. Streaming servers aren’t labelled
  7. Occasional dropped connections
  8. THESE WERE IN THE EARLY PERIOD JOINING, PERHAPS TEETHING PROBLEMS, NOW ALL IS AS I EXPECT FOR MY MONEY AND I GET GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY, WELL ABOVE MY EXPECTATIONS. SO NO COMPLAINTS! THANK YOU! … there just isn’t a better partner in China no Question about it For Best Personal VPN service in China,With Multi Device Connections,





Pricing nordvpn


NordVPN is not good nor bad, expensive nor cheap. But does not cover the field in Asia extensively enough for me

– Company owners not known,

– Dropped connections

+ 3 day free trial

+ Double VPN [why?]

+ Connection wizard





cyber-ghost vpn services


It passed almost all the tests. It’s easy-to-use,

  • – Who runs this Company?
  • + it’s lightning fast.
  • +/ – Dual VPN,capabilities [but why?]
  • – customer support was a let-down.
  • – better professional approach is needed



In a Nutshell

Whether you need internet or not, I would recommend you get one, even on a PAY AS YOU GO basis, this will allow you to walk away from a membership situation as you feel without the reprisal of charges relating to annual subscriptions in some cases

Investing in your freedom to access everything as you should a small price to pay when in China, good deals are available and improved systems to overcome the problem of BLOCKING. So why wouldn’t you?

Arriving and Not Planning will lead to disappointment, Strangely enough I see this constantly and people come unplanned, don’t let it be you!

Be a Smart Foreigner to China’s big cities. There is not argument to this problem just ”US” adjusting and adapting to what are ”the Facts and Reality in China’s laws”

Logical Thinking ~Removes Frustration

I Say this Because once here in china (as I am now you don’t want to be hassled with setting up provider,) because if you can on arrival be already operational, that means that your system is fully operational, and any further issues arriving in china can only be due to that very fact, this eliminates the question, ”was it working before I arrive or not”?. The providers are better able to deal with your issues should there be any of course

  1. Having a business and trying to trade goes’ nowhere if you don’t have access!
  2. Family and friends we need to be constantly in contact with we need access
  3. Social media and Emailing goes’ hand in hand with contacting and creating possibilities, We need access!


AS MENTIONED I would set up my VPN and confirm it works prior to arriving in china.

Fire- off all these facilities soon as you arrive in China, better find out earlier if there are problems than later, to prevent getting all hot and bothered! lol

There are many competitors in the field no doubt, but from a profusion of strategically placed servers worldwide and in particularly ASIA, these guys are unstoppable and still developing their elite systems and encryption platforms.


  • They are confident by putting their money where their mouth is by including 30-day Money Back NO Quibble Guarantee? What more do you want?? ….SORRY YOU CAN’T HAVE THE MOON AS WELL?
  • Service, ease of use and friendly responses are 2nd to none I for one will have to be convinced in a BIG way to move over to an alternative competitor who provide much better facilities, services ASAP fixes to clients, I.e ”Joe public”


$99.95 billed every 12 months.

Lowest Monthly Cost 8.32
Money Back Guarantee 30 days


My Lifeline in Asia

A VPN Platform Designed For Blogging,Writing,Video streaming

High Up-Time & Continuity, Super Fast Tech support

A Small Price to pay for Freedom

Don’t be left Out in the Cold

Apply Here Now

ExpressVPN Eng What is VPN? v The VPN that just works. #1 Trusted leader in VPN Get ExpressVPN O 30-day money-back guarantee Products v Support Blog My Account lish v Get Started Live Chat

Review check it out <HERE>




China a country of unusual acts and severe laws. It is the state tends to control all the actions of its people. To have built a Great Wall Firewall is indicative of that control mindset. However, total control is a tall order of high expectations and should be tagged as ”something of the past”. Due to smarter and safer, effective VPN from International service Providers everyone can bypass the wall of the censorship and enjoy unlimited online freedom at full.


If you are in the future planning a trip to China on vacation or business trip, Don’t assume on arrival all will be as expected.

My experiences living, traveling, starting a business and still going 8 years later. The most significant aspect of survival in China is not the language, rather the ability to communicate internationally, globally



  • What have you learned here today?
  • Could it be Clearer or More informative?
  • Do my explanations warrant a future




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