Black Friday 2019 Predictions

Black Friday 2019 Predictions



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Black Friday's Deals and Bargins

Black Friday 2019 is Around The Corner!

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I Have the Highest Expectations of my home country UK regardless or that Brexit is doing to UK’s economy, the Brits still have the capacity to push this through finally and come out smelling of roses in the process, Also this is just another Political incident, though lasted longer than anyone ever could have imagined, Lets not forget the British stiff upper lip will prevail.


On the Statement of Brexit it is interesting to note the £ is floating at its highest in years, High against the $ currently, so the sun is actually shining brightly in Autumn of English Seasons, lol

The Special marketing and sales buying weekend BF will continue to draw in both sellers marketers, buyers and investors, new products will appear on the markets and older ones will still sell like hotcakes, this is a win scenario

Which country will actually achieve The biggest Profits we can certainly guess its after all a numbers game, so USA is top of the list as well as Canada and of course Good Old Blighty and Europe as a collective group. For the records China has already done the deal with their 11/11 or Singles period of sales [anti Valentine equivalent]


In China Unfortunately BLACK FRIDAY doesn’t share this Recognition, instead 11.11, is China’s answer to Black Friday

China’s Significant and biggest online shopping day, [AKA] Singles’ Day, or 11.11 sales were ridiculously huge

A Direct Alternative to international Valentine’s Day Chinese students created this celebration not knowing how important and profitable it was actually going to emerge into later, so in 1993 Singles’ Day was a gift to yourself in remembrance of your status or self.

Alibaba, Pinduoduo, And Have tried all the tricks possible to Court and entice Chinese Consumers on Singles’ Day

Chinese have already completed their buying and sales over a fortnight ago, this Mega event, was an almost direct Representation of what we in the West call BLACK FRIDAY weekend 29th to 25th.

Obviously, 11th day of 11th Month is tied in with SINGLES DAY, strange you may say but that’s China!

The volume of online transaction with the Major players including TMAL, ALIBABA, Pinduoduo was Awesome.


Bloomberg report

Alibaba Being the Grand Daddies of Daddies and the first e-commerce platform to monetise Singles’ Day officially have raised the bar to sty ahead of the competition, as they flexed their Commerce Muscles in response to up and coming competitors.

China Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival in 2018

Began and Included an around the clock 24 hr streamed Gala Event

televised and online with celebrities all strutting their stuff and drawing in the viewers.focus on songs relating to purchasing needs and shopping was the theme for the day and as the Chinese are particularly susceptible to impulse and wants, together with innocence and must have this works a treat

Pinduoduo Stealth Business strategy is levelled at funnelling the throngs of young and old keen consumers through “team purchasing and group encouragement.

Pinduoduo, and The simple ratio per head can make a company not millions but billions just consider the size of china and its population of People standing tall at approximately 1.4 Billion, here you can do the maths to see the potential is like no other country, just unearthly.


Alibaba:11-11, Singles' Day e-commerce revenues 2011-2019

Alibaba’s Gross merchandise volume on Singles’ Day between 2011 and 2019

As a Foreigner Buyer in china the temptation not to buy is immense so I gave in to what I seriously needed and they did not disappoint me. I Bought Many Things like Sea Buckthorn [AKA] YAH JIE

[Good for blood pressure and omega 3,4,5 oils some great benefits therein, with this wonderful natural fruit, bitter as hell but used with honey it’s palatable] and serves the body good!


Whey Protein Gold[as I keep fit and jog in the parks here] is another product at ridiculous prices to the USA, I say this as my brother in March 2019, while I was visiting in California ordered a tub from Amazon and was around $49, in contrast to China its over 500 rmb [equivalent to $71] outrageous!

However, I Purchased at a Steal of 300 rmb – $42. I was laughing all the way home because additionally, I later found out it was a 73 Scoop Bucket not the measly 29 scoop Buckets in USA? a double whammy benefit… ahoo!… ahoo!

Apologies for the Digression there!

Now Then


Share of consumers planning their shopping on Black Friday 2015 to 2019*2015 -19 SALES STATS USA


About this BLACK FRIDAY ”thingy ma jig” do you stand in th queues overnight or early morning?

when you participated previously were you satisfied with your purchases was it value for your efforts,

I see this as a great opportunity if you want things you were unable to get because of prices earlier in the year

In my opinion it’s a great idea and generates interests and revenue if it helps everyone get what they want then the purpose is good. .


  • Where will you spend your BF weekend?
  • Clearer or More informative?
  • What is your bucket list of must have products or services?



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