Botanical Gardens China

Botanical Gardens China

28 March 2021 Botanical Gardens China

Shenzhen Botanical Garden Show

It’s the end of March 2021 and we are toward the end of this great flower display and a public event in the south of China.

China Shenzhen 7 cities flower event is also designed to express and promote a harmonious, loving, humanitarian, and world affection between countries and it does it beautifully in flowers and a monastic event.

For seven days only Shenzhen holds a botanical show displaying international involvement and creativity, this event is located atop the mountain adjacent to Wu tong mountain, a range of mountains in the Luo-ho area of Shenzhen city in south china.

Great atmosphere, throngs of people out to enjoy and participate in this spring occasion, laughter, antics, and general appreciation presents themselves, with a packed week of things to do including your own Photo selfies.

Temple At The Top: Botanical Gardens China

The first Important significant aspect of this show event has to be the Temple atop possibly 3 football pitches in length, historically important to Buddhism and the teachings, during this period I am told a special day of the ceremony is arranged in respect of Buddhism culture and religious aspect, pity it’s not today.


Another Natural aspect of this area is the location views terrific especially during evening sunset,

The temple is accessible to the public, a special service to represent the Buddhism belief is also taking place.

Lake Area: Botanical Gardens China

The Lake is a considerable size that supports cranes and egrets in a natural environment, not man-made here you will also find a ”fairly land” area for kids, enclosures of special plants ranging from south America, Africa, Australia, North America, Europe, and other locations.

Even displays of famous artwork in flower, Leonardo Davinci for example.

Mountain Walks

Long mountain walks with something for everyone every step of the way Porcelain and Chinese bone china collections to buy and view


Daily Visitors: Botanical Gardens China

At least 1000 attendees per day with tickets, Shenzhen garden flower show has excelled in the arrangement, planning, and execution of this event, bringing sun-filled and visual beauty everywhere you look, Traveler’s days will be intense as capacity visitor volume is seen.

Our attendance today Sunday 28th March was booked in advance via the WeChat app by Charlie my Guide,

She Booked these tickets online to prevent us from queuing at the gate rather than just scan and walk-through,

It is amazing how many people actually just did turn up to get in, Whatever the means people are prepared to make it happen,

South China Shenzhen: Botanical Gardens China

In the South of China is Shenzhen and its Botanical gardens is well situated outside the city center and among the group of mountains called ‘Wutong Mountain’

Some people are wearing traditional garb and involved in photo shooting, young and old all engaged in a really vibrant and buzzing atmosphere and well-planned walking,

Days Remaining ~3

With 3 days remaining of this impressive and colorful display of world flowers from magnolias, roses, lavender, tulips, flycatchers, climbers, hibiscus,

One side of this Botanical garden is filled with flowers and a creative art form of photo flowers, the other is cacti with a botanical indoor globe enclosure to support species of plants that need to be in moist or tropical temperatures

We didn’t take that route or we would not be able to complete this event show in a day, if you need here is a link to that cacti showpiece in my previous blog post.

Sharing close space in this friendly environment was a happy one that you can endure with the various moment’s unusual activities people do, so as an observer of people I found it incredibly fascinating in every way.

Shenzhen botanical garden show was a real treat and success, never have I seen so many people with genuine smiles and contentment on their faces, kids with the freedom to let their imaginations fly

Collaboration Internationally: Botanical Gardens China

From reading about this event, I realize China’s collaboration creating the perfect showpiece with international groups and landscape artists, allowing artists from outside of China to participate in the theme of world love, humanitarian ideals, sharing, and finding resolve when in difficulties, other items include, sculptures, bone china, and porcelain vases and jars.

Areas are designated to different displays, one allowing a view to the international representation of prominent art found in the Louvre, Leonardo DaVinci comes to mind

Providing for the Crowd

  • Well presented and strategically located Latrines for the masses.
  • Shops and Drinking areas
  • Well done Shenzhen Organizers



This Annual event has taken Shenzhen, prominence, and investment in beauty, public activities to another level, Just under 40 years has passed with a small fishing village in the south, rising from anonymity to incredible international appreciation, financial markets, business development, technologies and high rise in real estate.

There is more to come from this City that will blow the other world challengers out of the water, driverless automated buses, high level of personal safety and security, constantly developing outer cities and metro systems, rise in wages, and better living conditions

Education drive and international travel in rising to promote the young graduates and professionals on world destination, acquiring other social skills and relative knowledge for better use in china.

This space is changing by the minute and evolving comes huge changes, concepts dreams, and potentials.