Business Strength in Alliance

Business Strength in Alliance

Friendly Foe and Alliances

USA and China still held in a binding relationship, for better or for worse, Deepening changes procured by the last administration has alienated the two superpowers, the recalibration of this and treaty falls in the hands of the new Biden’s administration, He has to put right or disconnect from the past predecessor’s obnoxious and aggravating approach a growing nation like China, defiant and propaganda one can say has been rife against its counterpart.

Cultural Passiveness

China as a people are passive and would turn the other cheek, that was in the past as they simply, were collecting information and understanding of the power and control of the western world.

Today China stands with a great deal of strong and assertive plans, the world community will see a different Government, with worldly goals and plans. China will never be the same sleeping dragon as history unravels. The Dragon has ultimately awakened and ready to defend its threats, people, and growth.


Today 05.Mar.21

Today as I sit in Shenzhen City, in a place called Dongmien, regarded as a place of ultimate product purchasing opportunities, shopping, and commerce, Dongmien after the covid-19 did little to struggle, instead, it has seen improvements in infrastructure, refurbishments, and rejuvenation in new shops and business.

Reviewing Things

I sit atop a 4 tier building, one that McDonald’s has acquired,( I didn’t notice this in the years I had traveled before) a prominent position overlooking the entrance to the dong mien shopping and trading arena, like the roman s sitting on the terraces spectating the Christians and Gladiators performing below.

American Businesses

This is just one of the American Businesses that straddle the entrance, the other is KFC on the opposing side of the small pedestrian thoroughfare. Both these businesses set to thrive in the tough world crisis over the recent two years


China Lots to Offer!

China is clearly the place to be as a western company, the numbers add up and the volume is terrific.

Reason For My Visit

My travel today to Dongmien was one of curiosity, why? well it has been a while since I really shopped here and also I wanted to find some inspiration on what to write that would boost me in a different approach and it has done that perfectly, I couldn’t have chosen a better time and place to engage in this vicinity and hugely popular market arena.

Unsuspecting Joy!

The overall day is one of surprises and pleasure, in that I am seeing the environment with a completely respectful view before I would do anything not to make this trip as it gave me a poor taste of overcrowded, cheap goods, poor food and services, the general approach to anyone in this market area was one of getting the ”money and run”

Past Experiences

If you bought a product here like handbags, travel luggage, perfume, audio and video devices you would be damn lucky to find it working in a week or two, and returning it for a replacement was unheard-of even argued heatedly.

Is There a Change really?

This may still be the case buying from certain shops, but in the main looking around it would seem a measure of quality and responsibilities with the larger stores allows the buyer some flexibility, in other words returning or exchanging goods is possible with your receipt of purchase of course.

Curiosity and Inspiration Seeking

My sauntering around today, leave me feeling I had criticized the place under my breath unnecessarily, but at the time I believe it was true, I’m by defense I would more likely buy now than 10 years ago when I first arrived and traversed these busy streets and malls. you really couldn’t trust anyone unless you were a total fool.

Good Gets Better

Anyway, on the topic of America in China, the positive side of this is that businesses are moving forward, any rift between the countries seems at a mother level of diplomatic awareness, here on the ground people don’t care, small and big business alike are only concerned on pursuing financial gain and growth, and Shenzhen is the perfect hub and platform to make your dreams come to reality.

Shenzhen Deals

The population in Shenzhen is approximately 20million and rising by the day, the government has set aside special discounts and offers to young graduates to move and work in Shenzhen, this is the long term plans as I understand and it’s working extremely well to date.

Infrastructure Improvements

Metro systems are developing speedily to accommodate this trend and volume together with activities and amenities to support the hoards arriving, even plans in creating cheaper housing for younger less paid employees, to get a foot on the home or apartment ladder, costs otherwise in Shenzhen would not allow or support graduates of arrivals of younger people from inner china to get a home or apartment, other than living in overcrowded shared accommodation with some times 5 to 10 people sharing bunk beds and a tiny apartment, and landlords making a killing in the process.

Views and Thoughts

I am appreciating the scenery and quiescent outdoor noises from the streets below, the loge decibel McDONALD piped music and the perfectly placed decking area on the fourth top floor of this building for which they seem to own all.

Greek-style taverna-looking balcony and alfresco approach eating area lend a certain happy feeling to the relaxation and general atmosphere, one I am totally immersed in now.

From this position, I can clearly see most of the DI Wang building (Shenzhen’s first major city skyscraper building and landmark) also the new version of that a few years later proudly stands a few blocks away.

Architectural Styles

A mix and match of buildings surround the market and shopping area, as it site in the heart of the city. From Ming or tang styled historic buildings to original center places for the meeting and governing of the city in the early days.

Business as Usual

China and the USA will continue to relay in business regardless of what difficulties they face ahead, each with their own agenda, but hopefully, for the common good, Buick, Chrysler, Jeep is some big manufacturers in china integrating with Chinese automotive companies, each to support world awareness and sales abroad and at home, so ironically enough, cooperation with Benefits, is the catalyst for alliances growth, and progress

Cooperation and Benefits

On reflection I see china will export more of its commodities to Europe, South America, and North America, this cooperation has mileage and incredible marketing strategy, China sees this as a means to utilize the USA marketing strength, power, and goodwill in moving they’re otherwise, looked upon products as ”cheap or nasty in quality”, this is the vehicle to promote like in the case of Skoda and VW, to rubber-stamp your products with a world-class and renowned name and quality.

My Surprise in the UK

I was in Uk a few years ago and witnessed this inadvertently when I hired a car a Buick or Chrysler I can’t quite remember, only to find it was manufactured in shanghai, and everything under the bonnet was Chinese with the Chrysler badge. The quality was good, the ride was not to my taste but it provides a comfortable vehicle at a good cost for a weekend, now that introduces the public to the name, brand unknown to what you’re really driving or buying, that’s a win situation in my estimation, because if you then decided you loved the car you may very well go out and buy one right?

The Need to be Seen and Appreciated

Many Wealthy Chinese seem to look upon owning American cars, dodge, Pontiac, and other sporting muscle as a height to their prestige, of course together with Mercedes, BMW, jags, Volvo, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Audi, and Japanese beasties.


4 X 4 and people carrier are the rages here, not because it is a necessary product, no, because it looks expensive, a mark of position and wealth, a show of doing extremely well and demanding respect not earning it even.

As the world comes to grip with the degree of Covid-19 and its strains, we will see more business corporations merged, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, and North Americans, this is the way to stay safe and grow in other market locations across the globe.

Observing and Action

China has to Learn, over the last century what others have failed to do and why, they have honed the skill to avert those issues and pitfalls, they have also developed a driven desire to prove that they are capable to be creative, prominent, businesses and women, with equally professional and personal skills to their western counterparts.

Where Exactly

We can notice this extensively in several countries where Chinese nationals have moved and adopted in the societies businesses and opportunities, their very own styles

I have also noticed this in small islands like Greece, pain, Sweden, and pain where business and private individuals have settled and accumulated property, businesses and made with the connections in China and families new waves of Incredible opportunities.

More to Be Revealed

I envisage much more is on the table bus covered for revealing in good time, Chinese may appear fast, but they also still retain secrecy in what they plan is, maybe this will set concerns in the western concept of openness and shared information, only time will tell.




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