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What is a Living Hope

Do You Know Where Gambia is? ”Officially the Republic of The Gambia, A West African Country. Noted as the smallest in mainland Africa, and encircled by Senegal, except for its western coast facing the Atlantic Ocean” measuring less than 30 miles wide at its widest! And narrow mostly, A densely Popluated Area the country boasting…

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Sympathy on Loss of Father

A REMINDER AND FAREWELL TO A FRIEND WHO SHOWED HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVE ”LEON” Name: YONG WEY-LOEN Born Singapore: Bukit Panjang 1976.07.08是他的生日 Family: one brother Educated: Singapore and University London UK Primary Work: security consultant. Security, personal, private and national Hobbies: Reading, Dancing Bachata/ Kizomba, toastmaster speaker, entrepreneurial activities, family Singapore Singaporeans are conscripted…

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