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Words of Encouragement for Families

Introduction Tough Week best forgotten how was yours? My Bucket list not for the faint hearted moving apartment dealing with banks Replacing a Defunct Metro-card Sleep depravity Civil road works outside the last apartment and now this New apartment? Reclaiming Tax Refunds Process and Owed Monies Finally the Mobile Packs up and goes Dead on…

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Black Friday Business

Action as Opportunities Present Themselves An article then sends out a sentiment of concerns on the Still persistent world fears of the COV-19 pandemic, restrictions levels increased in some parts of the western world, and families dealing with the work and finances it has tagged along in its chaos My absolute condolences to all that…

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China Restrictions Internet

A Problem For Foreigners and Businesses: Being able to access international free speech and expression external sites in china, since the dawn of the internet, china restrictions on internet and blocking of Google in China makes foreigners life difficult, hence international VPN companies pursue a means to providing freedom of access and speech as we…

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