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Experiences in China 2005- 2020

What is Year of the Pig

 Year Of The Pig Pig is Not Considered as Smart in China. Appearing as eating and sleeping and obesity it is not a favorite sign to promote due to the fact or perception of lazy and clumsy animal. Positively Speaking it behaves itself, plan nothing or harm others, the view it brings affluence to people…

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Art Gallery Shenzhen,

 China Art Gallery Museums Shenzhen, News Flash!     For the Discerning, The Opportunists, Inexperienced,Young and Matured. I have some great news for travelers and Expat to Shenzhen, why not take advantage of these fabulous opportunities, and make connections quickly, and sincerely. Shenzhen has taught me much during my stay in this City.   Private Family…

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How to Prepare for a Trip to China Widgets How to Prepare for a Trip to China, What you need to travel and you’re touring activities, whether short or long holidays it is mega important to have your goals pinned, your family at the ready, the important factors and needs while away from ‘Home’ These steps are crucial for a smoother, healthier…

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