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China Art Oil Paintings

Da’fen 2021. M.07 Canvas Oil Painting Sale:  Review ~ Dafen on My YouTube   Happy Sunday Here I am in China’s Da’fen Oil Painting Village, It is not often I revisit this location, however, it constantly gives me a buzz on returning as infrequently as I do love the past 10 years, Allow Me to…

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Love Has No Barriers

Do you consider Love a fickled thing, or it is simply the heart, maybe perhaps the person in question,  yet this fundamental emotional attribute is ingrained in Humans, and Animals as you will see? What can we say of our fellow Humans that are incapable, for various reasons, perhaps Narcissistic, having Phobias, or just Socially…

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What is a Living Hope

Do You Know Where Gambia is? ”Officially the Republic of The Gambia, A West African Country. Noted as the smallest in mainland Africa, and encircled by Senegal, except for its western coast facing the Atlantic Ocean” measuring less than 30 miles wide at its widest! And narrow mostly, A densely Popluated Area the country boasting…

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