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Love Has No Barriers

Is Love a fickle thing, or the heart, perhaps the person’s,  yet this fundamental emotional tendency is ingrained and super important not only to Humans But Animals as you will see? What of Humans that are incapable, for various reasons, Narcissistic, Phobias, Socially Incompetent, or unstable, How do they Coupe?   WHAT IS LOVE What…

By Christopher jones 23/02/2021 0

What is a Living Hope

Do You Know Where Gambia is? ”Officially the Republic of The Gambia, A West African Country. Noted as the smallest in mainland Africa, and encircled by Senegal, except for its western coast facing the Atlantic Ocean” measuring less than 30 miles wide at its widest! And narrow mostly, A densely Popluated Area the country boasting…

By Christopher jones 19/10/2020 2

Hakka People China

Chinese Hakka Minority Worldwide Following a very thought-provoking experience last weekend where I traveled locally in China from my residence in Long gang south china. We came to see a traditional residence a family with considerable wealth and position, but was over a period of hundreds of years, With a group of Five Minorities of…

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