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How to stop the spread of coronavirus

STAYING ALIVE, KEEPING OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE, THINKING SMART   Coronavirus   The World has a new age super Virus with Pandemic infectious Proportions. Ones that kills without differentiating age creed, colour, beliefs or Boundaries.   Namely SARS/ MERS/ AVIAN FLU/ INFLUENZA / H1N1/ SPANISH FLU/ SWINE FLU [OUTBREAK 2009]   The new on…

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Coronavirus started when

Wuhan in hubei Province is Noted for its unfortunate Coronavirus Outbreak December 2019 a Chinese Wuhan Dr noted a strange biological germ similar to sars and mers but her findings were not taken seriously by relevant departments, Apparently her findings were not promoted through the ranks and it was passed from pillar to post. Finally…

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Long Term effects of Coronavirus

WUHAN IN THE SPOTLIGHT AGAIN New Reports on China and Wuhan new reported case of the virus again Perhaps a mutated version Virus in this Epicenter of COV-19 [ this has ended a 5 day, none reported infections] so it seems long term effects and repercussions are possible if due care and attention is not…

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