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Internet Frauds Scams and Cyber Attacks

WORLD internet users DIGITAL AGE –INTRANET TECHNOLOGIES AND WWW Concepts.             Are you a Techie             Computer literate Understand the WWW or indeed Hacking METHODS that can leave your Bank account Empty and you PULLING OUT YOUR HAIR WITH WORRIES THEREAFTER! Perhaps Trading Cryptocurrencies with a ”wallet” that protects your hard earn trading bitcoin or…

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Why Ukraine is a Popular Destination and Cultural influence in Europe

UKRAINE EXPERIENCE AND ATTRACTIONS LVIV: I have lived with a loved one in Ukraine Kyiv, traveled to lviv and experienced a unique heritage, culture, family values, opera, church and its magnificent structures, many i could list here.   Odessa on the east is Very Stayed yet with incredible history and places of interest,the dockyard of…

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Fly to Kyiv Ukraine or Shenzhen China?

SHENZHEN, CHINA – ULTRA MODERN CITY The city of incredible growth and infrastructure, it is said that the Chinese government’s goals on this development of Shenzhen were to overshadow the Hong Kong ”STATUS” of being the ”Hub of Asia” it is also a rumoured that a greater plan is afoot to outshine Hong Kong and…

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