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China Art Oil Paintings

China Art Oil Paintings   Canvas Oil Painting Sale:  Review ~ Dafen on My YouTube Happy Sunday Here I am in China’s Da’fen Oil Painting Village, It is not often I revisit this location, however, it constantly gives me a buzz on returning as infrequently as I do love the past 10 years, Allow Me…

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China’s Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

What is FBG? FBG categorized as an “AAAA level tourist location” and National Key Park by C-N-Tourism & Ministry of Housing /Urban-Rural Development in 2008.[2] Where Is FBG? Fairylake Botanical Garden at the foot of Wutong Mountain, near Shenzhen Reservoir. History of  Fairlake Botanical Gardens [FBG] Founded in 1983, Fairylake Botanical Garden first opened to…

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What to Do in China

Summer in South China Humidity August in China is extremely hot this month in Shenzhen is particularly humid, the only respite from the burning heat is welcomed when the thunder storms appear pouring down heavy rain that swamps the streets and overflows the drains. The lightning and thunder bellowing out sometimes for hours at a…

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