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Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Park

November 2020: Music in the Park These special events have been successful and well subscribed by the residence and visitors in Shenzhen. 6th Anniversary Repeating its sixth year, This open-air festival Performance is noted as the Annual Shenzhen’s musical sensation, classical music performances are not for a select few, instead enjoyed by anyone wanting to…

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International Sports Arena Shenzhen

IMPROMPTU SUNDAY ACTIVITIES Universiade International Sports Arena, in Long gang Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre (also known as Shenzhen Universiade Centre, Longgang Universiade Sports Centre) Designed as a multi-use sport facilities complex in Longgang, shenzhen China. Completed in 2011. It is used mostly for association football and athletics competitions, and hosted some events at the 2011…

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How to Launch a Small Business

CHINA BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN Call it Demonstrative, call it a Publicity Stunt, But this is how the Chinese Business Promote their New Venture Business as standard Practice LAUNCH AND CELEBRATION Chinese have always celebrated new ventures and this is no different in 2020, the emergence of bigger cities and it’s wealth and work has…

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