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Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Park

November 2020: Music in the Park These special events have been successful and well subscribed by the residence and visitors in Shenzhen. 6th Anniversary Repeating its sixth year, This open-air festival Performance is noted as the Annual Shenzhen’s musical sensation, classical music performances are not for a select few, instead enjoyed by anyone wanting to…

By yi Yang 09/11/2020 0

Hakka People China

Chinese Hakka Minority Worldwide Following a very thought-provoking experience last weekend where I traveled locally in China from my residence in Long gang south china. We came to see a traditional residence a family with considerable wealth and position, but was over a period of hundreds of years, With a group of Five Minorities of…

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Shenzhen Metro and Trains

How is Shenzhen so Ahead of other Cities Worldwide? Shenzhen City [Guang Dong] south of china has undergone radical changes both in Commercialism and infrastructure development, Not more than 40 years previously Shenzhen a fishing village area only mode of transportation were boats by fishermen, everything was this mode of transport, In the early development…

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