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China Mid Autumn Holiday

Mid Autumn Chinese Festival What Activities are available during coronavirus Chinese: 中秋節 Saturday 26th Sep, Mid autumn Holiday rehearsals and community gatherings, Dancing traditional Chinese, education stand, gifts new toys Bikes and happy faces. Good or Bad News For Holiday? I guess it depends on perspectives, But received sudden news that keeps you on your…

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International Sports Arena Shenzhen

IMPROMPTU SUNDAY ACTIVITIES Universiade International Sports Arena, in Long gang Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre (also known as Shenzhen Universiade Centre, Longgang Universiade Sports Centre) Designed as a multi-use sport facilities complex in Longgang, shenzhen China. Completed in 2011. It is used mostly for association football and athletics competitions, and hosted some events at the 2011…

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Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy

Impact of Coronavirus on Global Economy We are caught like fish in a barrel, unable to pursue our lives in a normal way, confined to home or abroad     Global Spread: 95.000 Reported Coronavirus has shown its Capacity to travel the world, there are no boundaries for this virus, so be super careful not…

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