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Top Free Language Learning Apps

The World is Your Home With Languages Be Internationally Social-able When we think of learning a new language an instant bubble pops up in our mind, like in the cartoons, Well  today I am here to engage you in the Top Free Language Learning Apps This has been a time to reflect on years of…

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How To Make a Travel Itinerary

Traveling Home   Blogs and advice about living and traveling in China often talk about the necessities of travel, key questions to ask, and the high points and low points of moving around an alien environment… But what about traveling home? Believe it or not, for an unseasoned traveler, going home can create stress that…

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Chinese Heritage Museum

Welcome to Nantou Historic City & Museum Is a truly interesting Gem of the Chinese Culture or past years, a national museum china piece of Qing and Han Dynasty, treaties, salt harvesting, Opium trade and beginnings, Status of Individuals in society, eating and community behavior. Modern changes and acceptance or neglect.   What do the…

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