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China’s Fitness Boom and Wellness Awareness
explosion and balance in work and play

Cosmetic Surgery and Self Esteem

The Dream ~ Of Beautifying People   This is China’s Cosmetic Surgery and Lifestyle, The Goal, Must Have’s, The Pursuit of Happiness and Ultimate Beauty. The Beautiful Dream has arrived in China, Making huge Supply and Demand for a ‘Wanna be’ Culture ‘‘MINDSET‘ ”Magic Wand” Effect Expectations, Demands on Perfection, Face, Good looks, and being Top…

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China Shopping Malls

Shenzhen Shopping – Top Iconic Malls Shenzhen is regarded by many in China as one of the forerunners in Shopping Malls and International Products, lifestyle, quality, international prestige, spending power, big brand names, and Tip Top hotels, and restaurants. Level of living and of course wages has risen exponentially for those securing work and jobs,…

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International Expat Community

China attracts International Communities   Shenzhen’s largest International Community-based in Nanshan [shekou] Shekou aka [Seaworld] is the place of international arrivals from ferry port Hong Kong to Shenzhen smartest, luxurious and cutting edge and modern area, international hotels, finance buildings, and beautiful apartments both on the Peninsular and on the Nanshan mountain. Great lifestyle, a…

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How to Stay Focused on Health

How to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness In Asia with Daily Balanced Food and Drinks? It’s Super important we consume Daily plenty of different fruits and vegetables. Rich and easy Diets of fruits and vegetables have clinically been proven to reduce potential risk of cancer and related chronic diseases. From time gone by we are…

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