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Application Visa China, During Coronavirus

Precursor Coronavirus has created unprecedented pressure and new untested government policies worldwide, citizens abroad are caught in a wringer. Not being able to return home Country, or leave the country they are currently residing or working due to restrictions and lock downs The upshot of these temporary Application for Visa measures are in fact half measures,…

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Ideas for Online Business

2020 Is the Optimal Time Start and fulfill your online business dream, this comes during the coronavirus period making it more advantageous to provide information or services to huge volume of online activity       BE ALL YOU CAN BY ACCEPTING IT GETS HARDER BEFORE IT GETS EASIER NEVER SAY It’s OK! NEVER BELIEVE…

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Long Term effects of Coronavirus

WUHAN IN THE SPOTLIGHT AGAIN New Reports on China and Wuhan new reported case of the virus again Perhaps a mutated version Virus in this Epicenter of COV-19 [ this has ended a 5 day, none reported infections] so it seems long term effects and repercussions are possible if due care and attention is not…

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Good Things that happened during Coronavirus

Trials and Tribulations   It Was a Late Lay-in after a Friday of Winds and a Chilly evening we were worn out, The plan was set to get up at the break of Sunrise and amble off to Central park to Jog for Two miles Well that was a Great Plan, However, during the night…

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China Restrictions Internet

This Bone of Contention for Foreigners and Business: Being able to access international free speech and expression external sites in china, since the dawn of internet, china restrictions on internet and blocking of Google in China makes foreigners life difficult, hence international vpn companies pursue a means to providing fredom of access and speech as…

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Plan Travel Itinerary and Remove Stress

Travelling Home   Blogs and advice about living and travelling in China often talk about the necessities of travel, key questions to ask and the high points and low points of moving around an alien environment… But what about travelling home? Believe it or not, for an unseasoned traveller, going home can create stress that…

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