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How to Teach English in China

On Arrival in China Shenzhen   My first plan was to find jobs teaching English in China, not in a rush as I came prepared, but it was going to still be a crucial long term move for employment and applying to obvious target employers locally, I didn’t want to just let time pass by as a…

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Simple Mandarin Sentences

Welcome: Simple Mandarin Sentences   Not many people realize that the most significant aspect of learning Mandarin are tones? Four tones, in Fact, define the meanings, Mandarin is perhaps more difficult simply because it is not easy to read or write, this alone is a task of mastering when tutored properly. Chinese The Basic’s of…

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ESL Careers in China

NEWS: ESL Careers in China   The writing is on the wall for foreign teachers operating in China. Times have changed and continue to purge out unwanted unqualified applicants and present illegal workers, Those days of teaching here without the correct prerequisite documentation or appropriate visa or education credentials appear to be numbered and winding down.…

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Traditional Cuisine China

China The Richest Diversity of Foods and Variety Following UK’s weather, it took some adjusting to the temperature and speed of everyday life in Shenzhen! Being in the South of China, temperatures can vary a lot with storms and typhoons which are not new to this area. January 65F  up to 88F and down to…

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A life in China

Why Should I live a life in China? As a Newbie to China some 10 years ago I was afraid, awed, compromised, cautious toward this move, the very idea of living in China pros and cons, I had to accept whatever the consequences. I took that leap of faith and it worked, with persistence, self-assertiveness,…

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