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finding work and securing a position in opportunities in the big cities in china

China Science and Technology Museum

  CHINA Science and technology in China China has raised the challenge of technologies and modern implementation in its programs, health, design, infrastructure, civil engineering, passenger trains and metro’s. Astonishing and rapid growth of AI and technologies are emerging and transcending areas. Where international counterparts have stagnated or loosed interest or funding in specific sectors.…

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Words of Encouragement for Families

Introduction Tough Week best forgotten how was yours? My Bucket list not for the faint hearted moving apartment dealing with banks Replacing a Defunct Metro-card Sleep depravity Civil road works outside the last apartment and now this New apartment? Reclaiming Tax Refunds Process and Owed Monies Finally the Mobile Packs up and goes Dead on…

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Difference Between Race Ethnicity Nationality

Introduction Travel Culture and Experiences are Essential to Learning and Developing into better people, appreciation of what we see and participate in will never be substituted or rivalled by reading books or watching TV Must venture and adapt to new things, fly, bus, walk, hike, ride, sail, drive Get on board and make it happen…

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