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Bruce lee, lee xiao long master of kongfu and his legacy

What to Do in China

Summer in South China Humidity August in China is extremely hot this month in Shenzhen is particularly humid, the only respite from the burning heat is welcomed when the thunder storms appear pouring down heavy rain that swamps the streets and overflows the drains. The lightning and thunder bellowing out sometimes for hours at a…

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Hakka People China

Chinese Hakka Minority Worldwide Following a very thought-provoking experience last weekend where I traveled locally in China from my residence in Long gang south china. We came to see a traditional residence a family with considerable wealth and position, but was over a period of hundreds of years, With a group of Five Minorities of…

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What is Year of the Pig

 Year Of The Pig Pig is Not Considered as Smart in China. Appearing as eating and sleeping and obesity it is not a favorite sign to promote due to the fact or perception of lazy and clumsy animal. Positively Speaking it behaves itself, plan nothing or harm others, the view it brings affluence to people…

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National Museum China

Nantou Historic City & Museum Emblems Represent Levels Of Authority and Duties | Ranking and Civic Dress Codes on Clothing   Jars of the Soul: regarded as Special Vessel for keeping the Deceased Soul, Characteristics, Lifestyle Pertaining to his Household, Achievements  and Attitudes, not Physical Body Remains   Where is Nantou Ancient City Museum in…

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Chinese Holidays 2020

Chinese National Holiday Chinese National Holiday 70th PRC Anniversary Exodus To Home Towns Has a somewhat more driven passion this year in Shenzhen, what with the recent ”Moon Discovery News” and the patriotism of the communistic societies 70th Celebrations of the PRC [people’s republic of china], there is a tendency now to be ”INTO” everything…

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