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Chinese Student Study Abroad,Choice Or Family Peer Pressure?

Chinese Studying Abroad My Three Months in USA and May i return to the UK, I Came to Realised from my interactions in both countries and social connections with Oriental Asians, primarily, Chinese Hong Kong-ese and Tai’s that another perspective exists An Interesting Aspect and refreshing view for me of these people working and living…

By Christopher jones 02/06/2019 4

China Dog Festival 2019 Banned, is This End to Eating Dogs?

Introduction   This Post is Intended to Celebrate   My early days living in China and in particular, the memory of a good period, though not without its trials and tribulations The exceedingly fortunate life of a Copper English Cocker Spaniel, whose Tenacity and brave attitude, kept him alive in a difficult neighborhood of street…

By Christopher jones 09/05/2019 2

Learn To Speak Mandarin Chinese For Beginners, For travel

Hello and Welcome   To another dose of Chris’s Class on ”Working”  Mandarin Chinese Chinese mandarin ”PUTONGHUA”   > expressed as PU TONG HUA Following on from my last introduction to Chinese basic usage for travelers street use. the purpose of this simple approach is to offer the understanding of tones Do you remember the 4…

By Christopher jones 21/04/2019 2

Jobs Teaching English in China Full or Part Time

The Beginning   On arrival to China Shenzhen, my first plan was to find employment and the best and obvious target employers were going to be for jobs teaching English in china, after no money no existence here right?  my savings was not going to last if I was to live daily, travel, socialize, and…

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