Charity to Life

Charity to Life

A Little Girl’s hope of a Pain-free Day and Future


“I wake up at night and scream in pain, I feel like it’s the end!”


came upon this incredible case and child that shows optimism and spirit that I need to speak out and raise more awareness by this blog, You may feel indifferent may be skeptical, but I can assure you, it’s all above board and legitimate.

don’t take my word for it you can actually follow the link to the original sponsor and initiators involved in raising the necessary funds for her operation in the US,

The Complete published article is below. read and consider if you haven’t already done son on Youtube or other Social media



My name is Tovi, and I’m 12. A year ago I started having leg pain. I thought I probably jumped rope too much with my friends and surely it will pass soon …

The next day at recess everyone played, ran, and jumped and I stayed on the sidelines. And since then,

I have stayed aside. And my condition only got worse, suddenly I had strong pains in my stomach too… Everything I ate I threw up, I lost a lot of weight and I felt really bad.

In one year from a sociable girl at school, I became a girl who depends on her mother for every move, who gets up at night and cries in pain, who doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow and if my illness will get worse the next day



The Doctors in Israel have no solution for me and can’t help me.

The disease spreads in my body and I suffer from very very strong pains that never leave me. Even at night, I wake up screaming in excruciating pain. Today I already sit in a wheelchair and connected to intubation. It’s hard for me to move and everything my friends find so easy I can’t do anymore.


I’m so scared, I’m only 12! I always thought that people in this much pain were going to die.

I don’t want to die, I want to go back to playing with my friends and that this suffering will stop.

At night, when I go to bed I am so scared that something will happen to me at night. Just a while ago I had this disease in my legs and it has already reached my stomach, maybe at night, it will reach other places in my body?


There is a doctor in Boston who said he could treat me and help me with my illness.

I was so glad when I heard that but then, one night I heard my parents talking in the living room that they think we can’t go to this doctor because we don’t even have money for the flight.


So how will they pay for my treatment?

I cried so much that night. Could I stay with this fear and pain just because of money?

Please, I want to be like everyone else. I want to feel good, I don’t want to be laughed at

Will you help me get my life back like every 12-year-old girl?



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