China 2021 Covid

China 2021 Covid

Shenzhen: China 2021 Covid

SHENZHEN reported recent asymptomatic COVID-19 cases with connection to overseas sources.

Earlier today I was out of my community preparing to work in a coffee shop when I received a call [not the norm] from my flatmate Charlie

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The Unexpected Phone Call

She went on to advise that the landlord has advised her of a scared or infected person in our community.

Being advised to return to the community just in case there was a rapid lockdown and leaving me unable to access my home,

What to Expect on Entry Home

I hurried back half expecting to produce documents or and explaining my movements in the last 48 hrs, with security checks, I braced myself for the unexpected, making a detour to buying a collection of food items from the community shop

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Less Haste More Speed?

Here in china words are backed up efficiently by rapid action, especially in this particular threatening infection situation

Apparently, this report was also saying that there were 3 buildings under investigation, by a Clinical 5-6 medical team, supported by the community administrators, who calmly and efficiently carried out checks by applying throat Swabs to each resident in the buildings,

Video to watch —————--here–———————

Charlie also said that the issue arose from the Yitian area, which is a Shenzhen export port south of Shenzhen city, It is believed goods from abroad may be the cause of this infection that was reported,

Covid Shipping China Alert

All related workers in that port were being traced and checked to confirm the status of covid-19, I am not privy to the reports and its findings, but I hazard a guess that the newly appointed Chinese Mayor Mr. Wang will not want to start one month into office with this problem leaving a blemishing his reputation, and will do everything possible to maintain that at this early stage of his office.

Reported Cases China 2021 Covid

Recent cases reported include a 50-year-old man, Zeng who resides in Xikeng Community, and Zhang a 49-year-old male also in the same Community, Long-gang District, They both work at Yantian sea Port and same Zone area of Shenzhen international freight forwarding port.

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Later a Hong Kong-ese

The infected person of Chinese nationality came to Shenzhen from Hong Kong.
He was quarantined on entry and transferred to the emergency ward of Shenzhen No.3 People’s Hospital for treatment. He remains patient and said to be in a stable condition.

Chinese Mainland 33-year-old male,

Xu from Yantian District. He is an employee of Shenzhen Ocean Shipping Tally Co., Ltd. and works in Yantian Port.

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Good Thoughts & Revealing News

It is strange that This very morning I was thinking good thoughts about the improvement of the Shenzhen covid outbreak, only to receive adverse news 1 hr later?

I have no facts to offer on this investigation and proceedings, so it’s all based on what is going on in the community and the chat with our Landlord and partly online research.

Reviewing the photos taken here a few minutes ago, together with the video introduction summary, it is clear that fears and concerns exist for the government and local Mayor Mr. Wang

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Guangzhou China 2021 Covid

Last week another incident was reported in the city of Guangzhou

A reported case of covid-19 and tight screen tests were put into operation, and restrictions have been enforced to quarantine the area

China 2021 Covid

It would be very destructive and discouraging if a further covid- 19 outbreaks arrives, with severe checks and monitoring in china focus on external influence sources returning to china, or internal ”remote” distance travelers reviving the unwanted virus all over again.

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China 2021 covid


Mayor Shenzhen, China 2021 Covid

Wang Weizhong, the newly elected Party Secretary
of Shenzhen, led the other newly elected members of the Standing Committee of
the Seventh Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC)
to meet the press Friday afternoon at the Civic Center in Futian District.

Wang’s statement during the inauguration as mayor

“We will take the lead to explore the new
trajectories of constructing a modern socialist country in an all-round way and
try to become a model for the rule of law, an exemplary city of urban civility,
a benchmark city for people’s well-being as well as a pioneer in sustainable

He added

To be an exemplary city of socialist modernization, we
must approach from the perspective of reform and opening up, emancipate our
minds, implement new development philosophy thoroughly and accurately based on
the new development stage, and try to be a pioneer of constructing a new
development pattern,

Wang concluded by saying, All the work we do is
for the better life of the people. We will put people in the highest position
in heart, solve the commonly concerned problems like education, medical service
and housing with greater effort, and try to be a benchmark city for people’s

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China 2021 covid

My Say! China 2021 Covid

I only hope that this is contained quickly, removing the need to go into Lockdown of  the community, This is a great time for building relationships and social activities it would be a shame to have that, curtailed or even taken away so quickly in 2021

China 2021 covid

China 2021 covid

Keep Fit & Healthy Without Sacrificing Optimism & Freedom

I do lots of workouts at home, In addition, much of it is in parks and community social spaces here in Shenzhen China, shadow boxing, general workout, and loads of stretching, extending, and cooling down, I was wondering what you do with your time to keeping body and mind in balance?

I am the first to agree that it’s tough, also I know that to maintain its continuity, takes even more self-conditioning and commitment, but it’s always worth it from my experiences. I personally find that no matter how awkward or difficult it seems, actually fulfilling your goal reveals benefits.

So to help you out with aspect, I would welcome you to join me on youtube, it’s free and you may learn some new things, raise your game and see changes,

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How to Avoid the Covid 19 Virus

Remember Important steps to personal Covid containment

  • Wear protection masks
  • Wash hands (preferable with alcohol-based solution)
  • Stay 1 meter apart from strangers
  • Don’t shake hands
  • Report any ill-feeling or high temperatures immediately

It’s not over till the fat lady sings

Stay safe!


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