China Art Oil Paintings

China Art Oil Paintings

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China Art Oil Paintings


Canvas Oil Painting Sale:  Review ~ Dafen on My YouTube

Happy Sunday

Here I am in China’s Da’fen Oil Painting Village, It is not often I revisit this location, however, it constantly gives me a buzz on returning as infrequently as I do love the past 10 years,

Allow Me to Elaborate on Da’fen Village

As an important aspect of international commerce and private interests, recognition in the world of modern and traditional art has grown in increased interest and passion,

China’s oil paint gallery such as Da’fen in Longgang has evolved becoming established and acknowledged as the Place to visit by Chinese and westerners, from all walks of life, be it cultured or discerning, or complete newbies of wannabes

Melting Pot of Cultures

Shenzhen City is a melting pot of cultures both international and inner parts of China with its 90 different minority group,

Shenzhen attracts many looking for opportunities to make changes to their family and personal lives, A high technology city, boasting the bests hi-spec hi-tech cutting edges companies like Hua Wei, Tencent, and of course the giant e-commerce platform Alibaba

Shenzhen City Prospers

The City is a magnet to all ages, education, and backgrounds,
Whether you are just hanging around living on a basic lifestyle, a skilled worker, a graduate you are likely to achieve something here, at least survive in a destination city that has options and facilities to get on and without starving.

HeadCount Shenzhen

Shenzhen has approx. 20 million residents some temporary others
businesses and genuine Guangdong Ren [people of the local area]a small percentage of these individuals are up and coming artists of the real oil and paint variant, sketching in monochrome, arts and crafts designs, sculpting and futuristic genre’s, the door has opened to talented and passionate people wanting to display their works, advance their skills and venture into business small or indeed in a grand scale.


Da’fen’s Village

Da’fen is a small artist and painters’ Delightful community, and since my arrival to Shenzhen in 2006, I remember it was already established, Carrying criticism with a poor name as a dubious industry of earning a quick, easy yuan, in circumstances regarded as suspect at best, where copying, imitation painting, and canvass work was Rife.

Chinese art oil paintings were not favored by the West, especially in eCommerce or businesses looking for quality and originality.


Experiencing 15 Year Changes

Over the years much has changed, up and coming artists, from
China and Asia, have settled down to developing a recognized environment from where they could become respectable and start businesses to provide to International buyers and businesses.

Past Visits to Da’fen

I have visited maybe 4 times in that time of 10 years, and
changes may not seem obvious in a big way, but laws and rules on copyrights and infringement laws are as I understand stricter than before, I have even heard not seen international artists visiting and teaching here, promoting their names, style, and experiences to students of the genre and young entrepreneurs

Breaking the Stereotyping

I have also been told that World recognition and documentaries
on these Interesting Artists, Studio World have been made over the years


Today March 07.21 I am again intrigued to pay it a visit, again
out of curiosity and looking for inspiration of a different kind, not of the artistic nature.

Did it achieve that

Absolutely, because already I am fired up with new ideas,
another direction of thoughts come to play in the tiny grey matter, ready to write another blog as you are experiencing here, lol

Where is This Da’fen

Situated in Long Gang Shenzhen, North of the city as the crow flies, Da’fen is a place that attracts amuses everyone, the shops and studios have set up easels and seats for anyone wanting to put their hands and artistic skills to the canvass,

Budding Artists Guidance

Qualified Tutoring and Guidance, paints, and brushes are provided for a small fee, 50 yuan, this allows you to paint at your leisure, in a creative atmosphere and environment, while others around you do the same, all ages are welcomed, I have seen today kids that appear 5years in groups participating with discounts for groups, adults pay the full price but have total assistance from artists.

My Artistic Side

Somewhat different in its relationship, I couldn’t resist compiling some videos of situations and people to show you this fine place of fun and intrigue, the videos are via this link << here>> Photos are with the blog as you can see.

Today’s a Thumbs Up!

Feeling in need of some inspiration and change in scenery, this turned out to be the perfect remedy, distraction, and revelation I definitely found this Sunday. Da’fen is a Must See

Sunday A Busy Period

This is when you see what the Chinese get up to, surprises are
always just around the corner, you can be sure to expect one thing or another just wandering around.

Foods Snacks

I have seen people selling traditional desserts never before
seen by me


Kids engaged in modern activities and computerized games,

adults kicking back and enjoying their new experiences

A Buzz is everywhere, market Traders, toy sellers, and fast-food
stalls pop up everywhere.!

The need is there and these temporary traders and businesses seem to be plugged into every opportunity that arrives.


Grey Skies in Shenzhen, No problem!

Looking at a Grey sky it doesn’t seem significant, if I was in the UK, I may very well feel depressed, whereas here that’s not the case, due to other social interactions and activities, quirky and peculiar habits and behavior, keeps one’s mind focused and entertained constantly.

I am sitting writing this blog because I feel fired up to post it immediately before I lose some part of the essence in this day’s events.

It’s time to grab some dinner the only difficulty I will have is what from all the choices I have should I commit to. Lol


2021 Trend in Travel

China is relaxing its border rules for flights in and out of the country, 2021 is going to be a boom time post-covid-19, and the incredible need for people to regain their freedom when this happens tickets and travel agencies will not be able to cope, As it stands now rise in preparation to travel either European or long haul flights are picking up its momentum,

UK Survey

UK survey suggests 52% of people agreeing they are willing to provide negative certificates for covid-19, doctors tests, and even carry digital exemption cards as proof of safety.

I am in China and will be looking to traveling around Pan Asia pretty soon, and will be using this great company I have used since traveling to China a decade ago, why not review and see what is on offer with a guarantee for your getaway< read more here>

Language Importance

Also Language learning, especially Chinese has become a must when traveling, e-commerce, business, or just backpacking or package traveling around Asia, most of all enjoying your trip as you see places like the great wall, Guilin waterways, shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other beautiful cities, why not dust-up on some basics and enhance your experiences, <click photo below to find out how> 

Rosetta Stone

Da’fen via Shenzhen City Metro

  • Line 3 from Futian direct to Da’feng metro station direction
  • Line 4 from the city Change to line 3 at children’s
    palace and line 3 heading to shuanglong

 Shenzhen metro

Christopher Jones