China attracts International Communities

China attracts International Communities

China attracts International Communities

Shenzhen’s largest International Community based in nanshan [shekou]

Shekou aka [Seaworld] is the place of international arrivals from ferry port Hong Kong to Shenzhen smartest, luxurious and cutting edge and modern area, international hotels, finance buildings and beautiful apartments both on the Peninsular and on the Nanshan mountain.

Great lifestyle, community of expats and entertainment of just about everything to spoil you totally massage, spa’s, golf, tennis, kung-fu, gyms eateries of all nationalities awaiting you.

International Friend’s Community in Shenzhen

Culture Salad

This is Shekou, the frontier of China’s reform and gateway. The Shekou’s mode of economic development this year is recognised in China.

Currently standing as the most influential international area in Shenzhen, and the largest international friend community in Shenzhen.

Shekou Sea World, Shenzhen, the largest number of international
friends community.

Shekou is the First Export-oriented economic zone in China. Many foreign-funded enterprises have been concentrated here long ago. Many foreign companies need to do trade shipment

There are many foreign trade port offices here, and near Shekou wharf. It is also very convenient to visit Hong Kong and Macao.

Shekou is the earliest export-oriented economic zone
in China, with many foreign companies.

shekou seaworld shenzhen

In The Evening, Bar Street will be very busy, with many international friends gathering here.

Shekou [aka Sea world thoroughfare] Shenzhen

There Are all Kinds of Bars in Shekou Sea World Western Restaurant. International friends come and go frequently. Shekou Peninsula Villa District is one of the earliest luxury residential areas in Shenzhen, where many foreigners live.

Shekou is the most international city in Shenzhen. You can wander around the sea world and have international friends everywhere.

Sea World Square, McDonald’s KFC and other western Restaurants

Shenzhen apartments

Weekend Shekou Sea World, a leisurely day.

Shenzhen apartments

Viewing the sea from the mountains, many international friends live in the luxury villa area of Shekou.

Five star hotels Shenzhen

Five-Star Hotel, Sea World Cultural and Art Centre stand shoulder to shoulder.

Nvwa Butian Sculpture

Nvwa Butian sculpture.

The environment is really good. The picture is famous Nvwa Butian sculpture.

Peninsula City-State District

Peninsula apartments Shenzhen

Qianlong Bay

Rose Garden East in the South China Sea, Park South Road, Shuiwan
Metro Station, Shanghai World South and Shanghai World Bus Junction Station,
Merchants Building and Sea World. Shopping and travel are very convenient.

Shenzhen apartment

Rose Garden Community

Woods Apartment: Located in Wanhai Road and Industrial Second Road, Shekou Industrial Zone, covering an area of 11319.49, there are 3 residential areas with a total of 159 households.

The main types of apartments are: 365.61 square meters of 6 rooms and 2 halls, 350 square meters of 6 rooms and 3 halls, 174 square meters of 6 rooms and 2 halls, 177.18 square meters of 6 rooms and 2 halls; the greening rate of the residential area is high, shopping in the vicinity of five kilometers.

In the heart are Shekou Foreign Trade First Street, Lian Shopping
Center, Bauhingcheng Commercial Plaza (Nanhai Avenue Store); Supermarkets include Baijia Supermarket (International Store), Fenghua Community Supermarket


The above picture is COCO Park, Shenzhen’s only park-style shopping mall, a new business representative of CBD.

COCO Park is the most fashionable shopping centre in Shenzhen, which integrates catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment. It has more than 200 well-known international and domestic brands.

The negative first floor is Jizhi Island
Supermarket, International Chain Restaurant, Jewellery Accessories, Personal Care, Home Life, Video, Gift Shop. On the first floor are international
boutique clothing stores, jewellery, watches, classic accessories stores,

China Mobile Information Living Hall, COCO Open-air International Bar Street. The second floor is for business and leisure clothing, fashion women’s clothing, leisure sports city, international featured catering, fashion accessories, home life, video gift shop and Broadway movie city.


Le Nest club shenzhen

Lechao Bar:

Lechao Bar is a very popular bar, located in 144 Beiyuan C District,
Mintian Road Shopping Park, Futian District, Shenzhen City, where singers can listen to many beautiful nostalgic songs and devote themselves to creating multimedia technology.

Unique decoration is recognised as the hottest bar in Shenzhen. Most of them are young people gathering. Gather together


The decoration of COCO Bar is luxurious. There are many elite singers who can hear beautiful music. They also hold interesting theme parties to attract customers.

The delicious snacks and drinks make you happy. On the walls are
hand-painted walls with personality and exquisite retro decorations, gorgeous hanging.


Culture Salad meet-ups

Evening Space Bar:

Evening space bar is a bar with a very hey atmosphere. It has a
large venue and a mobile lifting stage. In addition, there are performances


A truly developing multicultural community and city, Shenzhen is becoming on of the Fastest developing cities of the world, its reach in modern technology

Metro system, infrastructure utilisation, Futuristic Airport, interconnecting roads and highways, interconnected shopping malls and subways to the city life and entertainment is staggering!

easy use buses and metro cards, payable with apps like zhi fu bao [alipay] and wechat [weixin] make the residents and expats life a real payment pleasure!

access to Hong Kong and other cities in china is exploding with bullet trains called the GAOTIE, online booking also available.




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