China Jobs! – Opportunities for Foreigners!

China Jobs!.. opportunities for Foreigners


For most, the belief that a degree is the only way forward finding a job in China, For me I was a Basic achiever, and to be honest it is a prerequisite, loosely stated by the Chinese Government, on the schools operating there!


This is ”as needs require” and workload on the Schools that determine how the rules are bent or adhere to, now for infant schools in particular, the needs over come the rules and they will find a way to get you ‘IN’once then like you.




In my early days finding a job was never a problem, 2005 and up to 2017 i could walk into a English school did a Demo after researching teaching technique’s.


My first few interviews were stupid not being teacher oriented or skilled, but through these failures I began to understand what was required from my  interviewers, this is about learning from your mistakes and screw ups and apply to the task to get a job.



  • 1 : Degree a must?
  • 2 : International or State Employment


These strangely varied in requirements, some schools will allow you to sit an interview even if you don’t have teaching qualifications to certificates, TOEFL/ CELTA, ETC… They have the ability to make things happen if they see your attitude and approach as a performer in front of the class. It’s about your energy and ability to perform in any given situation, being happy and outgoing works every time.


Teachers for toddlers and children up to 10 years old is much needed for area of work , Teachers pay is higher and you are offered benefits outside the norm to keep you i.e. Apartment/ health funding/ flight/ good holidays…


Early learning school


  • 3 : International schools finding a job here, will now tend to ask for Certifications, as mentioned above, but i actually did a 20 hr Class room crash course before leaving the UK.


So this would show determination to teach.  Schools may consider this a passion and start you with the intention to continue your studies while in employment, with financial support its a small investment for them with high turnover and profits of new students


  • 4 : Online Sales and support for international customers,this area of work is under-subscribed and much needed English spoken job opportunities are available for thriving new companies and established ones



Modelling for ladies and kids is lucrative and quite easy to find as these sites promote this kind of work constantly, These are well informative popular English language sites and owned by foreigners.

  • 6 : Dance teachers-Latin-Modern and Pop

Have a demand as the Chinese are seeking awareness and equality with all things imported. They also have the money in the Big Cities, where families are constantly pushing their offspring’s to be everything and better than their counterparts so ”THE MORE YOU STUDY THEN BIGGER YOU WILL BECOME’ is the view i experienced living in china several years


  • The EMPEROR SYNDROME comes into play and being better and richer than your neighbor is ever more evident in this culture, found in the new China in such Cities like Shenzhen, Beijing, or Shanghai


I hope this Post has been of particular cultural interest about China

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  • Benson says:

    Nice to see you have a new page ,that is good for you , long time stay in China , more well know China , now can feedback to other foreign, to help them learn Chinese , that is very good ! Government need say thanks to you !

    • admin says:

      hello Benson
      it is pleasure to hear your kind words and of course i am trying to build a great site to promote china from a language and cultural aspect, do let me know if yo have any other info you need or wish me to include on the site
      best wishes

  • Cem says:

    Hi Chris,

    Great post! I appreciate all the information you wrote I think it’s very helpful for anyone considering to come. I think you’ve listed the most demanding jobs in China. On top of that I’d add:
    – WeChat Groups / FB Expat Groups
    – LinkedIN

    These are also great sources to find job if you have a qualification on a certain skill etc. I think for some jobs you don’t actually need to know chinese. Nowadays the translation software is very strong so It’s much easier than before to live here.


    • admin says:

      hello Cem
      Yes you have a point on that as shenzhen is a international city in many ways wit new and cutting edge technologies also a s tried and tested foreigner working in china your words are important for those considering a trip or move to new jobs,
      appreciate your time and support on this from an expat point of view.

      enjoy your time there


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