China Introduction Culture

China Introduction Culture

Just For The Record

Fear of long-distance travel

It may be well-known to some but there are a Scientific evaluation and symptom that prevents long-distance travelling and raises anxiety

HodophobiaThe Fear of Travelling is the irrational and intense fear of travel. It is a personalised phobiasome people may fear to go a certain distance away from their house.

 Others may fear certain types of transportationplanes, trains, boats, ships, road travel (although fear of flying is separate than hodophobia)

The Unknown Culture

Travel has a dream-like appeal and removes us from our mundane or routine lifestyles and work, it gives us something to look forward to annually or bi-annually if your budget allows. More so if you are considering a long term or permanent Relocation or life abroad?

For many people, the obvious choice or comfort zones are, Europe and USA, with familiar backgrounds and not too dissimilar fundamental social values and expectations

However the thought of Asia and china is an introduction to a special culture,it automatically triggers a different collection of ideas and fears, these heightened concerns quickly fall into our minds and start eroding the very beauty of travel and experiences we can obtain if we actually commit to the trip, Thoughts like:


    1. what if I am sick, emergency?
    2. Language How to ask!?
    3. unknown virus and diseases,
    4. civil riots and demonstrations
    5. attacks and disappearance for persons
    6. how to ask for important help, I.e doctor/ police/dentist/ ambulance
    7. finding a chemist and getting what I need if I was on medication/ drugs?

the list goes on and on from our TV news and media papers, what else should we assume or think?

Emergency numbers/ banks/police/and more, are found on this link: <emergency numbers>

FEAR FACTOR OR HONEST DISINTEREST?Little but enjoyable street players

What makes anyone decides on giving up what they are comfortable with and moving into an unknown raw society and lifestyle?

Is it a need to prove something?

Or the pressure of not being happy with our lot

Maybe uncertainties that lay ahead against the certainties of current situation and future is less attractive?

Can it be the fear of not taking steps to be who we really want to be, to allow us to develop in other ways we may really like and embrace?


hong kong central ferris wheel

Why move abroad?  Hong Kong, China, Asia?

Taking stock of ourselves, be pioneering, Are qualities we aspire and seek I believe


What holds us back?


What really is the true organic reasons we don’t take that step.

    • Comfort zones?
    • Laziness to act?
    • Passion and conviction in executing our desires and wants?
    • existing commitments that offers no way out,
    • fewer possibilities that deem this a no! no!?

I guess all of us has our crosses to bear and skeletons in the cupboard, so what makes you a ‘no goer’?

Are seeking safety:

    • work
    • Family
    • Finances

Maybe just a no-fuss situation, after all, who needs it, right?

My Take On this:

I cannot compare the reason between you and me, however, I can express an undefinable urge to take things and run with them given the opportunities that rear themselves, and an educated guess that comes into play at the decision-making time! but I knew this simple fact that if you haven’t lived abroad at least once, you are missing a significant experience and self-assessment time.

Anyone that takes action based on gut feelings or promises really are leaving yourself open to serious misfortunes and dissatisfaction,

hence, decisions, as I see, is comparable to being told this freshly baked lemon meringue pie is tasty and I will like it. But never having seen it, tasted it, or smell it.

The strangest thing is that some people do make these kinds of decisions being told by a good friend how good something is and proceeding to engage in it. Or this product is gonna make you rich,

From timeshares in the 90’s, cruises, holiday destination or even hotels. Without some personal research and studies and feedback

So what and why do we seek revelation and satisfaction to our needs with travel, holidays and making a new life elsewhere from our native Comfort surroundings?

From My Experiences in Europe, USA and the Eastern bloc Countries, also the west indies, Africa, most of these were via my service aboard a UK Warship.

These experiences I recall not being as exciting or holiday scenarios, but they gave me the inspiration and interest to continue and pursue other interests in the travelling and getting my feet wet [pardon the pun] travelling

I wanted to claim better awareness of the world and cultures before I was too old decrepit ready to depart this mortal coil.

More optimistically I wanted to find the uniqueness and triggers of cultural traditions where contraventions and social attitudes differ from mine and what it accustomed me


Points to bear in mind: Expats who are in China

Dragon Bombing Festival

    1. Make sure you have a legal contract with your company and just double check if the company provides you international health insurance.
    2. Also, you can negotiate different allowances like lodgings, airfare travel if the job supports.
    3. Bring RMB 10,000 [£1100] on arrival to China to keep you afloat 3+ months for frugal and conservative use.
    4. The Government requirements for all foreigners are you are permitted 48 hrs to register at the nearest [ PSB ] police station (处所) If you are renting an apartment.
    5. In most cases however, Hotel Booked accommodations, will be automatically registered,
    6. They will register for you it’s legality.
    • Choosing a place to live depends on cost and social proximity to the city for some people, further away from the city is cheaper but can be little less Beautiful or offer less of the convenience we are accustomed.
    • Use an agency in the high street, or log on to some house-sharing groups on We-Chat, there you will find better choices and a community that has foreigners to communicate more freely, also they take the sting out of paying more than you would do with deposits and additional fees.


Have a good day!



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