Shenzhen Guangdong China

Shenzhen Guangdong China


Many people have at one time or another, considered the long trip to The Orientals, Honk Kong and China, thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and others

The considerations and fears of cultural and language differences raises many questions and uncertainties on embarking on a long haul flight requiring planning, what to see, where exactly to visit!

China Travel Tour and Shenzhen is a destination i would firstly recommend as i have been there done it and lived there 9 years


Shenzhen Main City buildings 

Dwang da sha building

Dwang Building [D-wang DA Xia ]

Was the tallest Twin tower building in Shenzhen, at a massive 384m (1,260 ft) tall skyscraper in Shenzhen, Guangdong province,China.

This is now Superseded by Xing da xia [New D-wang]  with its sword like shape

The main tower has offices, while an accompanying 35 floor annex contains apartments, car park and shopping arcade complex which has 5 floors, four sets of escalators.

Five passenger lifts and two service lifts, and a floor area ranging from 3450 sqm to 4900 sqm. On the top floor is the Meridian View Center, an observation Post


Shenzhen Sea World Zone C Themed on fashion, leisure and composed of double-fish commercial building and watery plaza. you also can find some special restaurants here. There you will also find in dry dock the Liner called the MING HUA 

THE MING-HUA Cruise Liner

A Gift from France to Chinese government

April 1973 ”ANCERVILLE” was purchased by The People’s Republic of China, and renamed the MING-HUA .

After 1981, under management of Burns, Philp & Co Ltd., she commenced cruising from Australia, with accommodations for 380 passengers in one class

Launched April 5, 1962 by the French president Charles de Gaulle, she entered service September 5, with a cruise to Canary Islands, before her maiden voyage Marseilles – Dakar.

The Minghua was noted for her decor and appointments, twin funnels and unique layout putting most public rooms at the stern and cabins forward.

It boasted three pools, Comfort-class pool and lido on Boat Deck, Tourist-class pool aft on A Deck, and Standard class (4 – 10 berth cabins) with a pool on the fore [front] deck area.


Shenzhen modern library

modern library shenzhen

Along with nearby Located in Futian CBD with a gross area of 49,589 square meters, Shenzhen Library is the largest library in town.

It is part of a complex that includes Shenzhen Concert Hall and Shenzhen Book City.

It provides visitors with 2,500 seats, more than 2 million books and 1 million online reading materials.


Baishilong Music Park

shenzhen music park


[Music in Longhua ]  

Now regarded as hub of culture and sports facilities Center for the area.

together with now widely spread parks that have opened in Shenzhen over the last 2 years, such as Honey Park or Talent Park are all  clean and surprisingly well maintained.


Shenzhen Universidad Centre

shenzhen stadium

shenzhen stadium

This Stadium of the Shenzhen Universidad Center boasts 36,600m’2 with a total building space of 136,000m2.

One floor underground while five floors are above the ground. There is adequate parking, rooms for athletes and sports officials, rooms for media workers, shops, cafes, restrooms, VIP areas and boxes and spectator stands.

This unique basin-shaped stadium has three levels of spectator stands, accommodating 60,000 spectators.

Two lower stands circle the stadium. The third-level stand is divided into two sections and symmetrically arranged on the east and west side

VIP areas are located on the Western side of the Stadium, near the finish line. The rostrum, VIP stands and boxes are located on the third and fourth floors

Four lounges are symmetrically arranged all equipped with bathrooms, locker rooms, massage rooms and modern toilets


splended china theme village

cultural village theme park


 Splendid China Folk Park  Chinese version of Window of the World, reflecting on cultural differences within China.

Zoo goers and animal lovers, XILI Shenzhen Zoo is the place of see all kinds of wildlife in free comfortable surroundings.


 Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World  Large aquarium supporting sea creatures and some arctic animals,

 Dream Aquarium This exhibition offers an experience of being under water.

 Fairy Lake Botanical Garden offers a fabulous range of beautiful plants.


As a metropolis city and now one of the richest cities in china with more billionaires you can shake a stick at  Shenzhen is surely going to excel and out perform Hong Kong if not already the case!

This doesn’t mean that as a destination and tourist hotpots it is beyond anyone’s financial budget, the scope for enjoyment and getting around is easier and cheaper for foreigners using major currencies

Being that the city has areas for all walks of life and expenditure it is truly a wonder and worth your time effort and visit

UPDATE! 2019

You can now fly to Shenzhen directly from LHR > SHENZHEN [stop BEIJING] so unless you want the scenic route through HONG KONG this is another way with less worries?

I hope this Post has been of particular cultural interest and you can be energized to go see China it is certainly worth Effort and respectable costs.

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