China Restrictions Internet

China Restrictions Internet

21/02/2020 0 By yi Yang

This Bone of Contention for Foreigners and Business:

Being able to access international free speech and expression external sites in china, since the dawn of internet, china restrictions on internet and blocking of Google in China makes foreigners life difficult, hence international vpn companies pursue a means to providing fredom of access and speech as we are accustomed,

so in finding ways to offer external access to foreigner news and controversial political, business and social media networks is a task, a goal. a money spinner!


The Power to Kill Switch

The Question:

Can China’s Government Flick The Switch For total restriction of all internet access, any time?

If so why haven’t they?

Let us first look at the misconception of independent and international providers like





All VPN Providers claim Mainland China access is guaranteed to subscribers home or abroad, just how true is that statement?

The Get me out Clause is also that should they have any difficulties with connection, they can reconfigure to other Location servers to bypass the blockage,

Basically a constant hop, skip and jumping to stay ahead of the Chinese Security and constraints that would be applied.

What they don’t tell you is that they can take as long as they deem to resolve this running and hiding server footprints

I have been using expressvpn 2 years, I am happy with the services, but that only goes to the point where things are without Hiccups as explained above.

It Would seem that as soon as they hit a ‘Block’ or are ”Found out” by they china securities, this is where the real testing of ”Metal” shows and where communication depreciates considerably, I dare say this is not just expressvpn, I have by word of mouth from other foreigners and expat, that their providers also have this poor ”low profile” approach to real issues that occur.


Today 19th Feb I did a search on VPN’S FOR CHINA and guess what! yes it redeemed not one listed VPN for china

Needless to say This is control of the Internet from Chinese aspect, Here in china Shenzhen the daily routine will be limited for a while I guess.

VPN Providers

 International Providers, promises has dubious valued, and is impeded at any moment hindering connectivity to users. When the crunch comes like this recent out brake of Coronavirus. I have experienced frequent failure in the services. Proof that china is in control, no matter your claims.



Currently I have been off-line [without a VPN for 4 days] being told the engineers are on it without a window of fix time, why?

Simply! they have no Idea or guarantees or realistic idea of what measures to take to overcome the problem of blocking.

However The Best service in My 4 years experience, has to be expressvpn

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Coronavirus is surefire means to promote control, initialize new rules, discard some standing ones too.

Action to block VPN is effectively a ”DOOR CLOSING IN YOUR FACE” driving a wedge between your communication and the outside world or business, the Real power of china is in place and working well in my estimation, keeping unwanted info going out and influences of media coming in shutdown is here!

power and control

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