China Science and Technology Museum

China Science and Technology Museum

28/06/2020 0 By yi Yang

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Science and technology in China

China has raised the challenge of technologies and modern implementation in its programs, health, design, infrastructure, civil engineering, passenger trains and metro’s. Astonishing and rapid growth of AI and technologies are emerging and transcending areas. Where international counterparts have stagnated or loosed interest or funding in specific sectors.

What is evident in China is from reverse engineering, copying, improving and pushing the boundaries of delivering the market [DTM] This driven and focused evolving of international standards, new ground breaking technologies in business, social and domestic forms, we see a new power of the once silent or demure china unfolding.




The museum is designed educate, interact and create interest and direction for the new generation of Digital age Children, I was impressed by the Museum because of its focus on not just the traditional go walk around and leave museum.

This is primarily, purpose built with related inventions that draws the visitor in the hands on interaction, balance, mind and body activities, mental and physical checks, games and assimilation.

Happy fun devices

All ages get involved and huge laughter and joy is heard in every space or corridor. The design is longs hen [ meaning Dragon] much of the architecture is dragon themed, the inner concepts constantly keep you in a state of intrigue and awe!



A Recent Museum visit to {RED CUBE}  [book city] high tech, museum and library

Located in the central part of Long gang, some 15 miles southeast of Shenzhen City in south china [opposite HONG KONG

long shen Dragon China

There are 5 floors of machinery, moving art, space and planetary objects, defining our existence and how through the ages crucial and important discoveries have been founded and put the use for the betterment of mankind

All aspect of this journey is interactive with value and hands on reality of what you are seeing and experiencing, Truly fascinating experience, one that adults and kids find super fun and entertaining.


The Museum was not a walk in by public, due to the coronavirus outbreak the government has but a limit on attendee per day and 150 is the optimum in this case, booking your tickets online is the only way the access this wonderful place!

What you need to do is book early, as early as 8am when the bookings are open, I must tell you that we tried several times but the places were booked out in minutes, from 8 am the 8:05 all were gone subscribed?

Our persistence paid off as finally we got our tickets, these can be used only on that day, and between 9am the close 4pm

You can expect to consume at least 5 hrs navigating and playing in this Museum, to appreciate the full extent of its offerings.

We left the Building at 4:30 having learned more than we thought possible, More importantly I learn a humbling lesson ”not to assume anything” especially in china, just be prepared to be amazed!

The previous week We booked another part of the building, same booking requirement as above, this was more traditional in its offerings but never the less inspiring and informative on the development of china, its people and its achievements from 30 years the now 2020.


historic shenzhen story on screen

historic shenzhen story on screen

Large 180 degree screens depicting the story of shenzhen and its speedy rise the prominence and world status in electronics, infrastructure, business and working practices, blue chip ground breaking companies, like tencent, huawei, Alibaba, Tmall, and others





This Digital Age and generation will take this further and swiftly, the investment and support from parents are incredible, the achieve is the only concept they see, failure is not an option!

Shenzhen is a city for the young graduates, who are supported by the Chinese government, and companies alike with housing subsidies, incentives the work here.


Essentially working life cycle of student graduate, seems to refresh and pivot on a 10 -15 year shenzhen working period, Then many graduates decide enough is enough, returning home with enough with savings they accumulated to buy homes in the home towns, others start businesses in shenzhen.


Working practices is very structured and strict by way of results driven expectations, so the pressure is incredibly high, with long hours and limited social freedom during the week.

Many companies require you the work weekends at a moments notice and this is written in the contract I was told this does not include overtime payment, however in other ways you get bonus or holiday payments called red envelops or gifts.

Weekends you meet everyone out in coffee bars, eateries, parks, malls, theme parks, cycling and gyms. Museums have become an integral part of the youth in shenzhen, they do participate for knowledge, books shops and libraries are strewn with bodies sitting on stairs, balconies, tea shops reading intensely.

Skateboarding, expensive Custom cars and drone flying are popular hobbies


How Do I Rate the Red Cube Museum and Art building

The red brick cultural center of science and technology is by far the best i have experienced in many years abroad and home, the driven factors of the chinese to achieve bigger and better things and to show the world that they are capable and have the capacity to be innovative, intuitive and creative in every field is a goal they are striving toward. I give it a 9 out of 10 rating


Huawei and tencent has proven they have the concepts and people to deliver AI technologies, 5G and Robotics for future market, The stage is set ad china has the resources and high per capita university graduates to perpetuate this ideal and dreams. the government has put much on this dream and its country longevity to remain a the top of all sectors of marketable products, technologies and entrepreneurs .



Coronavirus has not sent back the chinese economy as would be expected or as the world’s giants suggests, a unbelievable contrast to international countries who are in dire straights and still struggling months later.

China has the economic muscle, leverage and banking strength to drive through the storm with little effects, perhaps a blip on the screen of this economic radar.


long gang evening view China



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