China Social Credit System

China Social Credit System


How to Embrace Anti-social Behaviour in China as a foreigner?

China social ranking system will it help or simply punish

Anti social behaviour/ 反社会行为/ fǎn shè huì xíng

Definitions for Anti-Social Behaviour:~ unwanted Social Behaviours In China

Anti-Social behaviour is behaviour that lacks consideration for others and may cause damage to the society and its balance or QUO status

As a Frequent Traveller to China since 2005, I have seen just about every kind of possibilities from province to province, this varies in levels and quantity, Let me first say that this is not a find every horrible thing to point at about china

It’s About observation and culture which is over 3500 years old, Tendencies, attributes and set behaviour patterns are ingrained into the lifestyle and people therein


This Article is intended to help us appreciate what we have and that needs to be done in many countries even outside of the pan Asia areas, south-america, eastern Europe, Africa and others.

All have their flavor of unacceptable social values borne from illiteracy, lack of education, social imbalances and cultural upbringing. So let us be open the causes and not just look at the resultants.


China Social Ranking System good or bad


Grand Parents Encourage Children to Urinate on the Pavements?

Too Many Times I have seen this happen and even in the city, though it may not be in prime places it was nonetheless in a city environment and in places that were open and busy passer-by.


The Strangest Thing is, that shopping malls are just a few feet away from the offenders, yet they choose to take this route why?


We Are Back to Farmers or small town residents, now moved to visit a daughter or son-in-law, living and working in the city, so then ingrained attitudes remains and even without real thought it is a natural and acceptable action to them.


Inability to Convert or consider then new surroundings and modern society just doesn’t exist in their minds.

This not through no fault of their own, it is a mindset and conditioning from many years, perhaps even all their lives, they know nothing else sadly.


So The Bottom Line is this! Kids are now growing up with a double identity and values, the older traditional teachings, good and bad, and the new modern society, its freedom and complex views and approach to living with its very own set of environment requirements, it’s paradoxical.


Nose Picking & Spitting

Leon discussion moderator
Leon discussion moderator

Just Bad Civil Behaviour pure and simple.

Same as why in most places in China people don’t queue up. Bad attitude of Chinese tourists.

The Nice Thing I’ve Observed over 13 years in Shenzhen – the people here have really improved their social interaction tremendously. I always see people giving up their seats for the elderly, pregnant women and children on public transport. People queue up. Less littering and spitting. People are caring for the environment.


And Shenzhen People have a very low tolerance for crime now. The police here have improved so much over the years. China Social Ranking System  may be the way to adjust this intolerance

Miss E: <Anonymous]

It’s Not a Cultural reason

But I believed it is personal qualities, maybe I’m a Chinese girl so I think many people are peasants. In china the levels of education may not improve the ways of people’s Character

Miss E

Mobile Phones and Accidents

The percentage of accidents is alarming in china, Chinese have not adopted this extension to the body called the Mobile phone, its like living and breathing for them, then several times I witness accidents like walking along the road heads down into a tree or collide with someone on a bike, walks into a door in a shopping mall?


The Business of Watching videos and programs to games is fascinating and I find myself also looking over some shoulders to examine what exactly is the passion and undivided attention they place on the phones.


Not Many People take full advantage of this situation to wear earphones when listening to music, on a phone call or watching a movie? we are in Shenzhen the centre of communications and electronics yet this doesn’t seem to offer any resolution to the situation of noise, hummmmm!



Litter Throwing:

Seems Trash on the streets or restaurants are a common thing in most cities, though in the more cosmopolitan cities it is less noticeable

Whether that has something to do with the number of ”TIDY PERSONS” constantly running around everywhere frequently may have then answered?


Engaged in a Discussion with some students and Chinese friends’ and workers, the answer to this problem seems to suggest, lays at the mentality and viewpoint to work, and who is responsible for that area of work, their remit or position in the hierarchy tree, the general feeling intimated that this keeps others a job, it creates work, so it has a purpose and not actually a social dysfunction. Instead, a design action


Though in Metro’s and trains this is a strict rule to not take drinks and food on-board they apply fines, being caught and defying the rules, every few minutes you hear [unfortunately an announcement in American] advising the unsocial and impact of breaking rules of the metro system, graffiti is like a sin and prohibited.

Begging and Soliciting are also quashed quickly with more and more security personnel and checking measures carried out.



A Must in China to Govern this Huge Ranging Groups of People


Driver before Pedestrians?

In China Seems the more you have the better you are, the more significant you are in every way, Similar to riding a bicycle before a pedestrian, driving a car before a bicycle, and so on.

They Give a Little to those with less or without, from personal experience and from a friends’ discussion a few years ago, we agree that in the early days in China 2006 we both encountered unusual similar experiences helping others.


1. We rushed to assist a fallen person only to face a claim for money?

2 also helping someone across the road, may be seen or manifest itself to them as a suspicious act of kindness and rebuffed

Suspicion Still Exists in places, sometimes as a foreigner, Chinese will give a ”wide birth” or even change their path of direction on a footpath to evade communication or eye contact, and can be misinterpreted incorrectly but in most situations I would say its ad low esteem or confidence issue.


Other Experiences include:

Beggars: not being happy with the collections and boldly voicing their disapproval

Sitting at the Seaside Hongshuo-ling, in china on a blanket enjoying a summers’ day, Palms trees and a great skyline of Hong Kong island

A Beggar Hobbled with a wooden leg to me and girlfriend, taking no care but walked directly onto our clean just washed blanket and stood in the middle demanding with his rattling and annoying Mug in front of us.

After Some Time, which seemed like a zillion years, I searched the pockets of my knapsack and put several coins into his cup

Scrutinising it Carefully the grumbled and started complaining loudly in Chinese about finding a foreign coin in his collection, Still standing smelly and unkempt on our blanket the persisted and insisted to receive more.

I Gave Him a severe look and pointed to get off [trying to not let him realize I spoke some Chinese] He continued to blabber-on about this outrage receiving an international coin.

Finally, I could stand no more and stood up to confront him with a deliberation and showing my intent to not accept his demands.

Not Phased the Stood and continued his rantings, people nearby looked over but kept their distance. Fortunately at the side of my peripheral vision I saw a security man coming in our direction and inwardly smiling, I beckoned him immediately to assist instantly the beggar up hooks and walked away a lot faster than his previously arrival gait, lol

It is Important to Note that fighting is not tolerated and is severely reprimanded and a fine is levied to the offenders.


The New Era has arrived and Strangely enough these days begging has become ultra smart facilitating electronic payments, using WE-CHAT OR ALI-PAY APP?

Carrying a QR code on a 4” x 4” waterproof placard card for each App? now that’s what’s I call ‘moving with the times’ hilarious!!!


not amused!


~Bad Social Behaviour In China

Social monitoring System
You are being watched and graded, in the new Chinese System

Chris: Today a guy was in the metro rigorously presenting ugly waste from his nose, this went on for several stops.

I Couldn’t Resist taking a photo and decided to present to my We-chat Group, the idea was to get as I thought rational opinion as to the why and was this acceptable in social environment?

I Could Never have imagined that this would spark of such a heated discussion with my assailant accusing me of discrimination of Chinese and more? ……WHOOOO!

  • Worst still the ”NOSE PICKER’ Promptly decides to wipe his mucus on the hand rail of the cabin? in full view of everyone without any shame or sense of right or wrong strangely enough? …..urggggg!

Chris: what a choice character

Leon: Chinese guys love to dig deep

Leon: Well, it’s obvious Chinese guys are good with
their fingers.

Chris: Well, I have to bow to your inside experiences Leon

Leon: You might have noticed a lot of Chinese guys like to
leave their Pinky nails long. It acts as an excellent digging tool

To the Chinese it’s practical and useful. Welcome to
our world

Mrs Angry: Why all digging at Chinese bad behavior, Can’t your
eyes see something good ?

Mrs Angry: so many good things damn obvious in front of you why
can’t you see?

Mrs Angry: I am totally sure it happened in UK?

Chris: Not at every corner or metro stop, get real have
you been to UK

Chris: be sure you know or experienced, don’t JUST
assume to know!

Chris: so totally sure is a nonsense from you!

Mrs Angry: dude so China everywhere all stick things in front of
you, right ?

Chris: No such thing was said

Chris: hummum.. I see we have a problem Houston

Leon: OK let’s put it this way. Disgusting and unsociable
behaviour are very visible and attract a lot of attention. In the UK people
don’t behave like what Chinese guys think is normal and acceptable.

Chris: OK, let me explain

Chris: I have been in china many years and visited places, I
don’t complain but when I see awful things I observe

Chris: when I see good things I also observe, do you know
what that means?

Chris: I don’t want to excite anyone here with truths

Mrs Angry: if see bad behavior that’s not observe, that’s

Leon: It’s a vast difference in culture and upbringing. What
you see is a kind of unsightly behaviour which reflects on a person’s personal
habits, and it’s not a moral or safety issue. So guys let’s just relax, no need
to split hairs over this

Mrs Angry: We base chat on respect, if a person chat with you
talking about only the bad behaviour of your fellows, will you just say: shut
up, say something else?

Chris: OK, lets move on here?

Mrs Angry: topic is not depended on you, I just come here for two
days, yesterday and today you keep on talking about this now you want to
move on, and then tomorrow you will continue this topic again

Leon: I’ve seen Chinese people behaving badly as I have seen
British, Americans, Latin Americans, Arabs and Indians etc behaving
ungraciously or strangely. That doesn’t mean they’re all disgusting or
uncivilised. In some countries people love to shout and talk loudly. In others
you’re not allowed to talk about their women folk.

And in some places where dogs they consider dogs food, while it’s illegal to eat dogs in
others. Let’s all have an open mind shall we?

Sophie: change the topic, how about music ,,
I really like Jay Chou

Mrs Angry: Since you know it is everywhere why you continue this
topic every day, and marked it ” Chinese “, but not why ” people
” behave like this ?

Leon 微卷  It appears Chris is curious about what people in
this group think about such behaviour because it seems commonplace and
acceptable in China. He’s not the only one who comments about this. I’ve met
many foreigners who have asked me awkward questions about Chinese habits. I
choose not to take offence and try my best to answer their questions, or
comment objectively about their opinions. I’m sure Chris doesn’t mean any

Chris: Correct Leon

Chris: remember I am an article writer it is my observation and approach
to my surroundings, wherever that is.

I could be in UK or USA and report my findings but it
does not mean I am saying everyone is same did I say that?

Leon: I guess some people may not interpret Chris’
intentions correctly. But I’m sure, no offence, was intended by him

Leon: OK here’s a suggestion: let’s not discuss ugly
personal habits anymore shall we?

Mrs Angry: no offence??? the problem is what the asks, why
” Chinese ” behave like this, not “people” behave like
that, it happens on ” People” not on”Chinese”, so when you say that again and again, that is complaints and discrimination

Leon: It’s his observation from his point of view as a
foreigner, that’s why the finds it strange. At no point did the use offensive or
discriminatory language. If you went to another country and saw a certain
ethnic group repeatedly doing something you find strange, you would probably
have questions too.

Leon: Chris Jones said the will take it back if you
misunderstand him, every country has that people, we need to know This is simply a case of a clash of cultures and lack of understanding.

A good learning experience for everyone, we must respect each other everything will be cool. Let’s remember that this group is not only for improving our English, it’s also to learn about other cultures

Sophie: spreading more Chinese culture, really nice people in China

Leon: And now, a very cool remake of a Teresa Teng classic
by Wang Ruilin…

I was about to send a Buddhist chant The Great Mercy
Incantation but changed my mind

Mrs Angry: Chris Jones said, the will take it back
if you misunderstand him,every country has that people, we need to know.

Leon: What the means is that if you misunderstand him,
the will take back what the said and apologise.

Mrs Angry: I agree with LEON, but that is not a good topic, why
don’t we talk about other countries bad behaviour? Culture clash
should be on the culture difference, not take the” Common on all over the
world” as Chinese character

Leon: OK Chris has already understood and agreed not to talk
about “bad and disgusting Chinese habits” anymore. The intended no offence in
the first place, although I understand how you felt about it. Let’s just move
on shall we?

Mrs Angry: I don’t mind if the talks about bad and disgusting
habits, what I mind is bad and disgusting” Chinese” behaviour,

I will move on if they know this

Leon: well then you need to judge for yourself if it’s bad
and disgusting whether it’s done by a Chinese person or foreign national. I
definitely know this because I’m foreign born Chinese. I hope this is enough
for you, no matter by whom, it is bad and disgusting

Leon: But it’s time to move on as I’ve said twice already,
Chris had already apologised about it and the meant no offence. No need to keep
flogging a dead horse.






In China because of the different provinces and cities, cultural differences and standards co-exist even in the same cities

when people from less educated areas of china travel and confront with modern ideals and expected requirements they are in a turmoil and just shut down as they don’t understand the concept or appreciate the values.

SO years even century’s of colloquial lifestyle, customs and attitudes remain and enacted as normal, they see nothing wrong or believe a different social element even exists

The uphill struggle to conform to new ideas and disciplines will take some time to get traction in mindset or thinking patterns

so only in modern cities you are likely to see some improvements, adapting and conforming, but in the main most are from smaller cities or villages so the base problems still exists. Having money or getting a position in the mega cities don’t mean that instant change will take place,

Time and education needs to applied to this problem of Cultural differences in the modern world. Chinese are proud people and patriotic so this will take some time to filter down the ranks.


Security for Improving social Standards
China’s big brother Public social system

Bad Social Behavior In China China Social Ranking System will it Help or Simply Punish


Shi jin Pin’s China, Vows Bad ‘Social Credit’ Scores Won’t Hurt People’s Rights, A point’s system will have a scope of do’s and don’t’s that reflects how you are judged in societies ratings, credit, jobs and more, it is believed it will not cause problems but instead raise the bar on unwanted or poor social practices for the public and it’s citizens


It is Also Just as Interesting to know that China’s Social screening system has been introduced to Australia, then intriguing aspect of this is cultural differences and how they each implement, accommodate and work this for the good of the People and long term?



  • What would you like to see change first?
  • what it your opinion on a point’s system will it remedy this problem?
  • what would you do to monitor or implement changes in this situation?
  • If you were in china how would you react to this cultural difference?




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