China World Economy

China World Economy

15/10/2020 0 By christopher

Trials and Tribulations

Thought-Provoking Lunch: China world economy

Seeing so much happen in 2020 is incredibly scary and yet astonishing, I sit here today in Starbucks after a nice ham, cheese and egg sandwich, and ice-cream cake considering the last 10 months of this year, With a splash of  iced tea to wash it down, I began exploring my mind for supporting evidence that best demonstrates what has really occurred both in China world economy and international changes


My Job: China world economy

As an independent Blog writer of three sites, I take it seriously, my freedom to drift in any direction I choose in my niche’s, So, today with my informed and calm mindset, I return to my very first blog site,, call it my baby, my step into this world and realm of writing and traveling, that I so much appreciate and love.

Others Are doing their thing in offices or shops but I am lucky to move about and make my office wherever I choose. About what has happened here in china Shenzhen, after what seems like forever with restrictions and tight security, I see a relaxed approach in general, People and Businesses back in the ”Full speed ahead” standard practices prior to covid-19


Border Crossing: China world economy

The borders are allowing foreigners back in to continue their businesses, teaching, trading, exporting, and buying, Shenzhen appears to me to have recovered, and flourishing in the afterburn of the virus shutdown.


I see a freshness and positive drive in people’s general demeanor and mindset, coffee bars and tea shops are filled again during the daytime, people sitting on their computers, working away!


New Found Drive: China world economy

Holiday has passed, [Chinese mid autumn] with extended joy and immersion in the freedom the communities have found again, dancing, shows, parks opened, malls promoting, discounts everywhere, and displays were at their peak.


Whatever the rest of the world is doing china has emerged stronger and driven., even with renewed vigor and vitality

Assisting Others: China world economy

Mr ping has extended help to countries in fighting the problems they face during the outbreak, amid the criticisms and external global pressures he and the party face for their efforts skepticism is rife.

The phrase that springs to me are ”bite hands that feed’ in some ways focus is more on bringing china to some kind of justice of the outbreak, making Mr ping and his party responsible for just about everything the world is enduring


Real or Unreal

This is a pretty poor reflection of why nations will never ever be able to agree on anything, While too much pride, misrepresentation, bully boys or arrogance in politicians, redirection or responsibilities and more crucially trade embargoes or demonizing the superior power that now emerges


China Today: China world economy

The development of Chinese infrastructure, railways, metros, cities, and villages are spectacular, fast and quality, the vision of Deng Xiao ping and Mr. Ping is proving the east can change

Sins of the Fathers: China world economy

Embraced the west and improve on their failures of past, and that is exactly what they are achieving, Japan, Korea, Germany, UK, USA, and Russia, China has learned much from these countries whose past achievements have set standards and shaped the economic world stage and some.


New Power, New Values

China will not make the same mistakes that cycle time after time, the mentality and culture will see to that.


Historically Speaking!

The west has screwed up too many times in recent history and continues to repeat the same mistakes time after time be that, with a modern flavor.

China sees this, assessed, and recognizes this course and certainly will not continue on that agenda, the path whatever comes next at least will be a revelation, new and not experienced before.

Some will suggest and pessimistically regard it as dangerous, but how much more dangerous can we be than the precipitous ledge we cling from precariously currently? Trump? Putin? Kim Jung?


What Can We Expect: China world economy

We are about to see a turn of world power and events that have already proved to offer our planet a chance to regain its standing, naturalness, valued resources, beauty, and witness its once destructive Habitants, man, to actually work with it not against it.


Changes Must Include

Alternative New cleaner and efficient energy, wind power, bio-energy, solar energy, degradable wares and products, World managed waste disposals.

#Some technology proves we have the ability to achieve, create, integrate services and products to benefit everyone, yet keep a balanced environment, one such item is:  ====>>>clean power >>>



Stop mining Fossil fuels, Coal, Nuclear reactors, combustion gas power, Diesel

Health-conscious societies that can remedy, support, and make provisions to more people having less currently, developing faster aid response services

Stop Deforestation worldwide, prevent elimination and killing off species, instead of protecting and nurturing rarities.


Healthier consumables, vegetables, fruits, and CBD products, dispatching, sharing, cultivating, making cheaper for all to afford, not select groups


Lifestyle, Health, and Welling

Exercise for well-being awareness and application in daily lives, outdoor activities, and neighborhood care


Understanding the super virus and being in readiness, preparing, the healing power of alternative natural herbs and medicines. Providing more resources to act immediately to alarms, outbreaks, and emergencies


This Week Event Opinion: China world economy

China Shenzhen is celebrating 40 years of Shenzhen growth and vision of Deng Xiao Ping, one-man big vision for china, Mr. Ping the party leader following on with that Dream of his former premier, gave a speech and special visit to the Big city that rose out of a fishing village some 40 years earlier. Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ)


Xi jin Ping Speech on 40th

Display 40th ~ Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

An earlier light show in August was produced and choreographed to represent this incredible feat of achievement, and on a massive scale in Nanshan a district of Shenzhen.

august 40th SZ celebration

In Memory of the Visionary: China world economy

Deng Xiao Ping respect was shown when Mr. Ping present Liang Hua Park, the place of Deng Xiao Ping Statue with a commemorative Basket of Flower

in memory deng xiao ping

My Ping Visit was vetted for terrorist possibilities, Liang Hua park and Xiao Nian gong [Children palace locations] all surrounding buildings in his planned route were instructed, [to what would seem as vantage points] windows closed during his time in the area, a safety measure that seems natural and prudent.

  • photo’s courtesy of china newspapers


In China, local communities do this better than their counterparts abroad, obviously based on the social bonding and traditions, but it is something we can all take a leaf out of and apply some of its positive values and benefits internationally

We may learn new things that are better for our longevity and happiness.

We can do more than hope now that 2021 has the capacity and digital Equation to provide a better setting for a world constantly at loggerheads with each other in 2020, a cold war!

Politics is Politics

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