China’s New Child Policy:

China’s New Child Policy:

China New Child Policy

China New Child Policy

MEDIA NEWS { 2021~2025 Plans}

The Chinese government China’s New Child Policy is set to raise the bar on producing more newborns, Strategy to bolster the next level of family planning and encouraging more births for the ‘3 baby family’, These are crucial actions born from concerns to prevent the collapse of the country’s health and social care system of the future, a set out 5-year plan was put in place last week to manage the country’s failing aging society.



China’s 1978, policy was designed to reduce poverty and assisting the development of a poor economy, the baby boom population pressure was primarily driven by farmers in the countryside. China’s One-child Policy consequences may have stemmed the growth of earlier times who is to say, however, the long term effects are devastating if not quickly resolved

China New Child Policy

China New Child Policy


The decade 2016, has been a significant turning point and regarded as the humanity landmark decision by the government to include in its social bill for families to produce 2 children, (2016) and without penalties.

This was an added cost to families who had the unfortunate event of a 2nd child with part of their Plans. This option was geared up, in particular, to perform in big cities. Where the focus was on business and building the economy,


FARMERS: China’s new Child Policy

The farming provinces are always encouraged to have more children, perhaps for the farming and agriculture workforce to grow and continue providing.


CUMP [Chinese Upwardly Mobile Professionals]

However, with evolving opportunities and business alliances, the wealthier select group and billionaires in cities have no problem creating bigger families as money was not a hurdle

HUKOU ID (Family Benefits)

In many cases if these individuals were not from the city by birth they would have to apply for what’s called a HUKOU a special registration ID for the city benefits like Schooling, Visa access to travel easier outside of the Chinese Borders [Shenzhen/Beijing/Shanghai/ The process was made easier to do this.


EXTERNAL REPORTS: China’s new Child Policy

World reports suggest China’s aging community has met a population imbalance of more elderly and less young in society. This Aging society is hitting worrying levels showing the balance is well-off the mark

China New Child Policy

China New Child Policy

The climate finds difficulties were in particular young men cannot find a lady to marry.

This unregulated imbalance has flagged the powers that be to resolve what is beginning to be a crucial problem. The WeChat groups and Chinese state news reflect they have a severe and growing problem.


Demographers and Research confirms citizens aged 60 + stood at 254 million at the end of the last year 2019, a Wapping 18.1% of China’s population. Furthermore, by 2025 a rise to 300 million followed by another jump to 400 million by 2035, This could be fatal on the Country’s health care and social system.


Predict by Demographers suggests as current trends continue, by 2050 the workforce could decline by an astonishing 200 million, not what china needs as its growth and development continues to increase, skilled workforce, young and energetic is paramount to this Country’s future


BABY 3 PROMOTION: China’s new Child Policy

The 3 baby policy, would seem to be on fast-forward, however from chat groups, it has been received with sarcasm, even cynicism and it appears the consensus leads me to believe Hard-working city youths, with degrees are already groaning with the pressure of long working hours, random weekend working, doing up to 10 hrs a day with expected OT, reported cases suggests unpaid too.

Feedback from group sources makes a light sarcastic mockery of the 3rd child policy


WHAT TIME?: China’s new Child Policy

The real concerns would appear to stem from already zero spare time of these young millennia graduate employees, who since arriving at the cities, have given their all and feel either disillusioned, stressed out, can’t find time to engage socially, or in developing personal relationships.

The AUTOMATED life of only seeing the office and back home is telling on them.

Facing Daily overpopulated metros in Peak hours, and queues raises the stress levels before they even begin a day’s work.


A 3RD BABY ~China’s new Child Policy

The 3rd baby option to them seems impossible, Out of reality off the chart, out of reach, just to find a home to buy in the cities is bewildered and soul-destroying even though they work many years.

Having Children for most people takes time, effort, and a learned skill, being a parent is no easy task and the world overall parents would say the same you need to commit to a child, they cannot go back when you had enough, so Busy dual working relationships need to really consider the consequences and benefits of taking on this responsibility and the long road.

Chinese Young Families know this all too well and acknowledge that parents are actually the grandparents, not by choice more of a need as both are working long hours and sometimes one or other on Weekend

Spending time with your child especially in the early stage is crucial, it’s their brightest period of learning using all five senses perhaps this video will assist you to prepare better and more effectively  ———————— ———-go read more————

child stuff

child stuff


NICE THOUGHT ~ China’s new Child Policy

The belief that 1,2,3 babies in such adverse and pressured situations are a dream goal they cannot reach. Many postgrads from different regions of China are supported by poorer families putting all their savings into promoting their children’s future, the cost sometimes leaving them in debt to friends and extended families.


2021 Millennia’s: China’s new Child Policy

Chinese millennia generation want more than their fore-parents, they look for a break-away from the old approach of thinking and set traditional goals

  • Children after financial stability later
  • Freedom to choose, Direction and options
  • Relieved from Peer pressure,
  • See and experience the Western lifestyle.
  • Create a Quality life based on Work and play.
  • Their ambitions continue evolving being intuitive and Visionary

CULTURAL EXPECTATIONS ~ China’s new Child Policy

  • These are the families that potentially expect returns in their investments through their offspring, a vicious circle of obligations is placed on the younger generation naturally.
  • Coming to the cities, brings high hopes to postgrads and connected families depending on in them to succeed, to start paying back by way of support, once the new Job begins.
  • I have it from group friends, and English corners, this is a great responsibility to bear, and though the candidates respect that tradition they also fear what responsibility it places on their young inexperienced shoulder and life.
  • Many are living in shared accommodations, a lot in areas of the city that is cheap, overcrowded living conditions, and safety issues, they are aware of this, but means must, and they reluctantly resign to that sad fact, To be able to send money back home, monthly, they bear such sub-conditions.
  • To these individuals’ life is a long relenting and set pattern, not losing face both for themselves and their families back home, they press on, it was also discussed that the very nature of combined work and peer pressure, puts this large city groups at high risk of losing health even their lives earlier.
  • Workers collapse of tiredness and die, others, commit suicide as in Apple Provider company Foxconn,
  • Any originally inspired dreams these incoming graduates had is listed on the way to fortune and fame, in the majority.
  • So any alternative entertainment factors that come into play will be embraced specifically Computer Games, Movies
  • Having a Family of your own is a distant thought that is losing its appeal


EXAMPLE (China’s new Child Policy)

  1. Example Language Graduate [recent]

Some Real-life examples of this problem are from friends moving to Guangzhou, got married, had a kid, they couldn’t cope, so she returned to hometown to live with in-laws and new baby, Troubled from the start, Reduced to just looking after the family and child, the husband continues to provide working away in Guangzhou.

  • Loss of identity
  • high expectations from the in-laws as a wife.
  • Her career wasted, shot to pieces


  1. Example Programmer

Recent marriage bought the expected home in preparation of family, Car, both working long hours to pay the mortgage, Don’t see much of each other, Now reviewing career options looking to change for something more flexible conducive to a family life, now any free time put to study。

  • she falls ill of exhaustion and ends up in the hospital,
  • unexpected and unwanted cost to add to the situation
  • Forced to find time to change jobs

This replicates everywhere for these grads in city work and lifestyles, similar cases different Big Cities.



When I see Children over the globe in substandard living conditions, including China I might add, without health and care, worse still LACKING PARENTAL LOVE

I can’t help but AWE in the light reality of how unbalanced this So-called Love of humanity really is!

These kids seek only to receive Love, Care, a Family, and A Future, why can’t we Focus on that with these Childless Couples or Government Plans, Does it mean these ”lesser” Children deserve less or not a focal point in this MASQUERADE?


China One-child policy impacts

left-behind children


  • China’s aging population problem is one that could crumble their health and social care system
  • By this measure Chinese Gov Policy hopes that encouraging the Baby Limit to 3 per family will return a quo, However, Demography puts this under scrutiny and questions its validity.
  • The reality of this move by the Chinese government, while merits well though, is far more complicated than making babies fill a gap it seems,
  • It is believed the current social and economic status does not support such an assault on the young individuals’,
  • Instead, will add to the burden and social breakdown, broken relationships, and marriages, What seems a simple approach could prove far more damaging a problem China faces,
  1. Do you think this is recoverable as in the Proposed 5 years Plan?
  2. Is there a better way?



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