China’s Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

China’s Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

29/11/2020 0 By christopher

What is FBG?

FBG categorized as an “AAAA level tourist location” and National Key Park by C-N-Tourism & Ministry of Housing /Urban-Rural Development in 2008.[2]

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Where Is FBG?

Fairylake Botanical Garden at the foot of Wutong Mountain, near Shenzhen Reservoir.

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

History of  Fairlake Botanical Gardens [FBG]

Founded in 1983, Fairylake Botanical Garden first opened to the public in 1988. It incorporates scientific research, science popularization, and tourism.[3]

In 2012, more than 17 special-category’s of  plant collections and more than 8,000 species alone of plants in the Fairylake Botanical Garden enclosure.


December 18, 2012, the National Cycad Conservation Center was set up here, it has cycads a total of 3 families, 10 genera, and 240 species, ranked second in the world.[2]

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Why Should You Visit

One of the Best Cultivated Cacti collection for Science Academy Shenzhen, Natural Beauty, Historical Sitting of  Fossilized Trees, Huge Natural Lake, Birds and Butterflies, Hong fa Temple, Leisure areas and walks.


This Attraction and well-needed walk-hike, let your hair down day was welcomed with great excitement and anticipation.

Saturday 28th November, we applied for online tickets to enter the botanical gardens near Wutong mountain south china


China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Not normally a requirement But I expect it is perhaps due to the coronavirus spacing and tracking

The SZ [Fairly lake] botanical gardens are best known for the collection of Cacti in a special repository area designed to encourage growth and long-term existence.

Another Aspect is the Temple ‘hong fa si’ Sited at the top of the ridge.

Views To Behold

There is also a Breathtaking View of the valley and new Developed road system exiting and entering the mountain at different points.

Other Viewpoints placed you in clear view of the evening sunset and panoramic scene of the mountain troughs and highs, and perfect opportunity to take those magnificent selfies or share with partners or friends.


China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen


Well-groomed trees, grounds, Lake areas, and walkways, adds to the surprisingly pleasant experience, not forgetting well-spaced immaculately cleaned toilets with beautiful floral ‘man-woman” icons on the walls

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

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~China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen~China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

The Weather Conditions

Cool 22- 26 degrees complimented our planned trip and walk on a mountain on a bright sunny day and a fair volume of people on the way.


Gate Arrival

Using QR code [ticketed registration] we scanned the turn styles and were about to begin our walk upward. Passing a collection of green buses with Queues of people, we checked what it was about and found out it was a short ride to the temple on the top

Finally deciding if we get to the top quicker, the time would be better spent and not tire ourselves un-necessarily at this early stage, agreeing we paid 3yuan each to board and were at the top in less than 10mins, A great way to begin!


The Temple [Hong Fa Si]

Loomed at us in a magnificent peaceful way, traditional Architecture with that orangey colored roofing that drew your attention instantly.

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen


Walking up to two flights of sprawling stairways, we arrived on a large open area and a small queue to the temple gates, around this area, were a number of street traders, with water, drinks, bits, and bobs of related and unrelated products to sell.

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Botanical Gardens Visit

Arriving at this special place, we were faced with a collection of Desert Displayed Cacti, arranged in front of the entrance to the Domed Glassed conservatory,

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen


I was already amazed just how many varieties of cacti existed

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Anticipating even better things we were not disappointed, it was filled with every shape color size, and type.

The immense collection was overwhelming some long and hose-like, others like melons, flower-shaped, gold, green, grey, prickly hard and soft, some over 8ft tall, others just a few inches off the ground in close groups


China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Fairy Lake Views

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

fairy lake views from the top

Fossilized Trees of Ancient Past

A specific area was designed to depict the past fossilized trees that in fact were in some cases glazed into rocks, eerie yet fascinating such a suggestion of fossilized trees? but here in the Confines of the Gardens were gathered many of these items, Some even used as tourist tables and stools to sit on as a picnic utility.

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

fossilized trees

Fossilized/Petrified Plants {Resin}


What was also interesting was the various types and sizes of butterflies fluttering around gently, unlike the ‘crazed busy types’ you may have seen, these guys were almost as if they were on a go-slow agenda, flying almost upon your person.


Metro New Lines

China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

Getting to Botanical Gardens

Longgang Line 3 > line 5> line 2 = 1hr journey


MAP China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen

My Addition to this Miraculous Day

walking from the new subway we took a wrong turn, but with great benefit, Along the road, we came upon trees possibly over 50 years old, all lined the pavements, and strangely it struck us that these trees had integrated with their new surroundings, i.e. pavement slabs, they laced themselves in between the pave gaps in incredibly equilateral patterns, like fingers reaching out for more space and finding it whichever way it could, it was eerie and beautiful.


China's Botanical Gardens Shenzhen


The day was a Blast and everything was AAAAA 5 out of 5, Weather, Mindset, Metro experience, Entry Process, Mini Bus to the top and Hongfa Si Temple, Cacti Gardens more than expected, Place to enjoy and wander freely, happy faces and kids playing, our Packed Lunch, watching two Chinese Birds [black and white color, in mating dances (lucky birds called) Watching the park Gardner’s interesting antics. Facing butterflies at close quarters,  this has to be a day to remember in our lives.