Chinese Divorce Rate

Chinese Divorce Rate

DefinitionDivorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is the process of terminating a marriage or marital union.

[1] Divorce usually entails the cancelling or reorganising of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country or state

It’s Serious Problem in china with the upturn of social awareness and openness, independence of both male and female genders working in the cosmopolitan cities especially. From prying eyes and overseeing requirements or family and friends

To act out your desires and wants with ability to choose and financially support your tendencies is a mixture and ingredient to apply your style and very goals.


Having said that this brings us to the question of marriages and divorces which have certainly taken a beating, It would seem many young Chinese are not looking at or indeed considering Marriage as a first choice, the better approach to this new-found independence is freedom to do whatever you feel and live for the day!


United Nations Statistics Division reports that in 2007 only 1.6 out of 1000 marriages ended in divorce in China.


The disconcerting fact is in the seemingly rapid exponential rise in divorce rates. This appears to be an eventuality that is looming on the social and cultural crisis in a society where divorce used to be rare and shunned


Women are now taking a stance on Relationships and marriage, they are less tolerant of unhappy relationships or marriages.Their coming of awareness, independence, and financial strength makes then well equipped for this decision and can opt-out when things take a turn for the worst. hence chinese divorce rates are climbing with Women saying enough!


Couples filing for divorce must attend mediation classes in some areas


Tradition values are under fire and wavering under pressure because of this, while traditional values are still respected and adhered to in the majority, personal achievements and future goals are more evident


The Previous Strong-Hold on individuals by families in the bigger cities don’t have the stronghold, With this fast-paced money-making, busy business-driven environments. Divorces are the crucial issues couples and the government face.


New acts to stay the concerns that face china, to bring back the unity and commemorate Marriages in Villages and cities, President Xi Jinping vowed to reinforce traditional family values as he greeted the first group

Chinese Families, to be presented with “civilised household” awards, this is a start of something that is obviously serious and becoming a major issue particularly in the big cities with social and financial independence and awareness of the younger generation


self belief and understanding in china


The Ultimate Goal of most relationships in China is Marriage Young Chinese adults are often under a lot of pressure from the elders in and family to find a good husband or wife and get married relatively early.


This Pressure is particularly acute for women, who can be called “leftover women” if they pass the age of 26 or 27 without finding a husband. Men can find themselves similarly left-over if they wait too long to get married.


This is a Big Part of why Dating is often taken so seriously. Chinese young people often feel like they don’t have the time to “play the field” that Western counterparts are afforded by society.


My Humble Traditional Beliefs, Marriage should be one man and one woman, but I don’t think marriage should keep all Life. Society and technology are changing, It’s hard to love a person whole life. this leaves us with complete control of our destiny and choices throughout our life cycle. It’s not only a Chinese phenomenon but also human Challenge.


So Women Need to Choose which of her mates she will get pregnant with for a child and this man has to take the responsibility of his children.



Men in china and self control in marriageAfter Discussions, it would seem that Chinese men are aware of the strength now being displayed and induced by women in the cities.

The view that these women are powerful and hold strong and important positions and rank are disconcerting in the workplace to men.


From a Relationship Aspect, they are respectful but do not know how to approach or communicate with these women. this is a kind of standing and face-saving preservation


Men are Maybe Feeling Less in Control and hence the strong significant women in the workplace and society will be formidable in social standing. Chinese men in the main are reserved and less outgoing to push on a topic than women.

So The Status Quo has and is shifting to the what was ”revered as the weaker sex” and there are bound to be social imbalances that follow.


Men Also Seek Women of a more demure disposition, as they fit the ”under the thumb stereotype” also family-oriented aspect of Chinese culture



assertive, confident, business women China

The Ultimate Goal of Most Relationships in China is Marriage Chinese are under a lot of pressure of peers to find an upstanding and supporting husband to marry early. Certainly between the age of 23 to 25


For Women there is more pressure, the cultural stance is that unmarried ladies are regraded and referred to as “left-over women” if over the age of 26 or 27. this reference does also apply to men who aren’t married.


”Playing the field” for Chinese ladies is not one that is regarded as acceptable and condoned by the elders, but in the big cities from judgemental family this is changing rapidly.

Unknown To Relatives in most cases, young people are embracing the Western counterparts style of social butterfly status and ladies have their pick of men as they are independent, more worldly and travel more financially stable than before too.




In the Past, Most Women became housewives after they got married, had a few children and derailed with society.

Many Years Later, even though they were unhappy in their marriage.

They Will Tolerate and persist in not divorcing because they have lost their ability to work and are unable to support themselves, let alone their children. In fact, they don’t have the courage to make this step.

However, This New Generation has its own ideas and own jobs, unlike in the past, as long as they feel unhappy, they will divorce. Therefore, divorce is a common phenomenon now, and it is also accepted by many

The Traditional Chinese culture emphasises the connection of people in the form of family and groups. When they deal with people, sometimes they do not introduce them with individual personal capacity but introduce them as members of families or social groups


Q. Do the older generation have strong control over this still?

A. Yes they try


Well. So divorce in Chinese society involves a lot of people in deciding reasons, processes, and reactions after divorce. Divorce sometimes has a lot to do with parents and native families. In the process of divorce, many people will be involved


  1. Would you say then that the younger generation is making changes to traditions because they want freedom or other reason?

From That View, Some People, they may think that divorce is the disintegration of important values and relationships. Sometimes you can see on the news that divorce may even disintegrate the personality of the person, leading to serious psychological reaction and display.


Not Only For The Parties Directly involved in a divorce, but also for the children and parents, Although our society is progressing now and the degree of civilisation is improving, this cultural point of view is a clear and strong influence from their peers.

For Example, For Women, it is more difficult to get a divorce, that was past but now Chinese women are becoming more aware of their rights and individualism, personalities wants and capabilities with power and money

There is Also a Cultural Feature that emphasises stability. Not only the stability of the family, the stability of the society, but more importantly, the stability of the relationship between husband and wife


So, Chris As you asked about views of culture, that’s what I share as a Chinese women


While To Be Absolutely Frank, as a member of the young and well-educated society group, I can offer many views. In Shenzhen, many established and smart businesswomen are not prepared or willing to get married we see Marriages and Divorces as headache we Women say enough!


I Have Seen The Differences in how women are in Shenzhen since 2005 I have spent many years to china and back and witness huge leaps of changes in personal endeavours and attitudes

I believe foreigners need to start appreciating and respecting these values


Chris: I guess you are one of the younger generations to make serious changes as is now


Do understand that it does not mean that we young people have completely abandoned traditional culture, but that we have seen more possibilities in life and the world. We have different ideas, and some people want to try different paths from their parents. Marriage is not a necessity for us and our future plans


I Think Marriage should be one man and one woman, but I don’t think marriage should keep all Life. Society and technology are changing, It’s hard to love a person whole life. this leaves us with complete control of our destiny and choices throughout our life cycle. It’s not only a Chinese phenomenon but also human Challenge.


So women need to choose which of her mates she will get pregnant with for a child and this man has to take the responsibility of his children.



consider the future and marriage values

consider the future and marriage values

It is Chinese women way of improvement.


We Couldn’t Bear Chinese Marriage life anymore, more and more women don’t want marriage anymore. Marriage Life is tough and boring, There are too much responsibilities and imbalances which make it unfair situations for women.

Women Need to Give Birth to Children, during that time, She might find out about her husband’s escapades’. She is likely to lose her job during the pregnancy period.

If Her Husband is a bad man she could even find he does not offer her anything if comet to divorcing. The marriage risk is much higher than a career.


As Internet Technology Develops a man escapade possibility to meet mistress.s is increasing, In addition, women have a different requirement from the husband, but few Chinese men cares or accept this requirement.


divorce and marriage

Divorce and Marriage

Many believe We-Chat, Apps, and Internet dating sites area major contributor to men’s escapades’ and cheating. Marriages and Divorces in China, Women say enough!.is enough!

Women want this financial freedom and recognition, Yet, these very same women are a party to the dating and Mistress lifestyle of men.

The Same Men who are using and having affairs that they didn’t like their husbands having in marriage? this is strange and gives the impression of i ”don’t-care” so long as it doesn’t happen to my outlook.

Social Apps like wechat? everyone has possibilities and are excited with freshness and freedom of social and sexual relationships, but no one wants to understand the problem


It is a Great Question I think marriage itself has a big problem, why one man have to marriage one woman, and marriage have to keep life long.


Human life is longer than previous generations, being responsible in a marriage is a must for it to have long term that makes it very difficult for a woman, as she couldn’t survive without her husband if he is playing around and she is unhappy in the relationship.

However, now women have the opportunity to have a better deal outcome from a divorce. It’s a good thing.



China government’s New simplified procedures on Divorcing, Continued expanding the population of white-collar females and men focusing on high-level education and financial independence, coupled with moving away from traditional conservative outlook to relationships and socializing


As Chinese and china become fully world integrated so will the attitudes of the people and travelers will reflect this when we meet them abroad, the sign of the times are upon us my friends, the new era is here and infiltrating our lives,  the future in this matter will be even more devalued.



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