Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Food

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Food


The National festival days are nearly upon us in China, this is a traditional and special period for families to reclaim their closeness and cultural get together with those living and working far away in many cities even worldwide.

Note :

That Because of the Lunar Calendar the dates of these Two  holiday periods can merge or move apart from year to year! [since the Mid-Autumn Festival is based on the lunar calendar]

Holiday Calendar Schedule


This powerful Annual Holiday calendar Schedule is akin to our Christmas seasonal holiday but more intense and family orientated, linked with the Mon cake day of remembrance and charm.

Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake festival as you call it, is September 13

Holidays from 13 September to 15 September

National Day, is October 1

Holidays from 1 October to 7 October

NATIONAL HOLIDAY ~Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival


Is celebrated in Several East Asian Communities. But, in China, it’s the reunion of the Year for families, Vietnam and Singapore of course make similar preparations

Mid-Autumn Festival more popularly referred to as the Moon Festival period or the Moon-cake Festival, falls traditionally on 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Around September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, and being second most important festival in China following the Chinese New Year.

In this Holiday period Chinese  gather to celebrate dinner and lighting paper lanterns. Its a Truly spectacular event to behold


~ MOON-CAKE FESTIVAL ~[Chinese Lunar Calendar]

Are Popular and Manufactured by many companies offering more range than ever before, from the traditional fruits and nuts to meat and other ingredients to make your head spin with choices.

Moon~cakes are then traditional and special Mid-Autumn food in China. these Chinese pastry and signify moon-cakes a symbol of reunion and happiness.

These Are Given By Companies to Employees and socially exchanged between friend and colleagues, beautiful containers and boxes are seen in shops and online sellers



Mid-Autumn Festival

Gift time Chinese Holiday fesitval

Gift time Chinese Holiday festival

TIME OFF WORK [Mooncake Period]

During This Mooncake Festival period which has fallen on the weekend of 13th 14th 15th, the Government has extended the weekend with the 13th being FRIDAY.

Great for a relaxing long weekend where ever you are in china [HEN HAO ~ GOOD!]


Make China Your Bucket List Priority:

A visit to china is still one of the most fascinating trips you are likely to embark on, I have personally been traveling to China since 2006. It still amazes and fascinates me how the changes are rapidly changing the landscape in City areas and outskirts, Yet you go just outside of that perimeter and you find what china is really about, traditions, communal gathering, sharing, markets and grounded lifestyle, neither trashy or rich just ordinary and attractive in many ways.

When the world crisis is over certainly 2021, [already china has resolved its issues] borders will again be operational and travel will once again continue, why not ‘pen it in’ and make a serious change to your view and criticism that in many ways are inaccurate and political chess playing.

Come see and be impressed i promise you will appreciate the wider culture and scenery, be enthralled,  Here is my recommendation and cheap flight/hotel options i use frequently. =====>>>come make your plans>>> 


However During the longer period of holiday MID-SUMMER FESTIVAL. 1st October to 6th inclusive this is HOME time for just about everyone that is able, This are flights, trains, Drive or Long distance Bus



In Many Instances I understand bosses and some employees depending on position or previous years working over this period are allowed to have a few days earlier or later to the standard Holiday

Are The Mode of Transport, and heavily booked and subscribed, getting tickets is always a problem given the numbers travelling back and forth.

Weeks Ahead preparation has begun and most tickets are gone leaving others unable to take the trip back home to family’s eagerly waiting.


China Mid autumn festival and Moon-cake holiday

Why Moon Festival Is Celebrated

In history Moon Festival was always celebrated during harvest time. Chinese ruling Emperors worshipped the moon in autumn mainly to give thanks for their good harvest.

However, ordinary people made the Mid-Autumn Festival as celebration to their hard work and rewards in the harvest.

This has taken on a different aspect and Nowadays, people mainly celebrate the Moon Festival as a time for family reunions.



This long-Standing History of over 3,000 years. leveraging from a simple custom of moon worshipping during the Shang Dynasty (c.1600–1046 BC).

It was Initiated and celebrated as a National Festival during the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127).Quite some time ago as you can see!

It Has Long Been a Myth that worshipping the Moon and Shared food eating with family or in a community around a Circular table will bring everyone good luck and happiness.

[Gong si fa cai ]

Chinese Family and group meals

Highly Celebrated Festivals in China

New Year’s Day:Jan. 1st

Laba: 8th day in 12th lunar month, usually in Jan.

Chinese New Year:

1st day in the 1st lunar month, usually Jan. or Feb.

This Epic traditional festival begins in China, and the longest public holiday;

This Annual family reunion, Sharing dumplings, then Display of fireworks

Dragon Boat Festival:

5th day in 5th lunar month, usually in Jun.

To commemorate Qu Yuan (340-278 BC), an ancient Chinese poet laureate;

Eat Zongzi, dragon boat race.

Double Seventh:7th day in 7th lunar month, usually in Aug.

China’s Valentine’s Day


Lantern Festival:

15th day in 1st lunar month, usually in Feb.

Watch lanterns, Consuming glutinous rice dumplings, guess lantern riddles


Qingming Festival

Apr. 4th or 5th

Also known simply as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day;

The Visit ancestral’ tombs, spring outing


Mid-Autumn Day:

15th day in 8th lunar month, usually in Sep.

Family reunions to appreciate the full moon, Consume moon cakes, and discuss various things

National Day


A Military parade and celebration in Tiananmen Square Beijing;

The busiest Chinese exodus are these days, a Nationwide travelling peak from Oct. 1st to 7th regarded as the ‘Golden Week’


Get out and get involved, its a fantastic period in china’s history and cultural values an experience not to be missed, foods to try and costumes to see, dances to watch!




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